Sunday, April 29, 2018

[LAUNCH EVENT] Aging backwards with ZÉLL-V

ZÉLL-V is a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-aging, beauty, and optimum health that was established in Germany. Currently, they have a presence in about 40 countries, and these include Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and many more.

I was glad to attend their inaugural launch of the company's top-selling products! There was the ZELL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract with enhanced formulation, the ZELL-V Phytogreen, which is designed for cellular detoxing, and the first skincare product from the company, the Swiss-Formulated ZELL-V GREEN Wonder Cream. Another range of products that were worth mentioning that was featured were the ZELL-V PLUS Phytocell Serum+, Be+ Bust enhancing range of products.

During the launch event, we were to encourage to do a blood cell test, in order to give us a bit more understanding on what is happening within our bodies. Both Rachel and I had butterflies in our stomach, as are really scared of needles! Meryl was the relaxed one, who kept trying to calm us down. My results for the blood cell test were pretty fine, with only a few indications of stress that were negligible. Happily enough, my blood cells are in the healthy range!

ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract is an oral cellular therapy supplement, and ounce of the soft-gel like tablet contained growth and transfer factors to enhance rejuvenation. The enhanced formula uses the ZÉLL-V Tech advanced extraction method to obtain 600mg etract from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta in one single soft-gel, which provides a double dose of an anti-aging effect.

ZÉLL-V Phytogreen is specially formulated to optimise celluar detoxing and to nourish cells for greater health, beauty and overall well-being.

Jojoba is a native plant of Mexico. Formulated with premium quality, cold-pressed virgin jojoba oil, Be Jojoba Oil is 100% free of impurities and other artificial additives. It has a pleasant, mildly nutty aroma, a clear, golden appearance, and a smooth, luxuriant and non-greasy feel when applied to skin. The Jojoba Oil protects the skin from damaging elements such as UV rays and free radicals, as well as to lock-in moisture and to prevent dryness.

Let's talk a bit about the company's other products - The revolutionary bust care line - Be+ Bust Sublime Essence and Be + Phyto Natural Bust Curve Enhancer! These are all natural and plant enriched formulations that provide a wonderful nutritional support for breast care using the latest plant extraction technology.

The Be+ Bust Essence boosts the growth of cells and connective tissues in the bust area, and is quickly and easily absorbed by all skin types. The plant extraction technology promotes safe development of female breasts through balancing and regulation of female hormones. It makes an effective supplement for achieving firmer and fuller breasts in an organic way.

 We were each given a 10-day oral supplement of the best-selling ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract. I started my oral intake for about a week, and my next appointment is scheduled to be a week or so from now! I will share more on my experience after taking the ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract. 

Thanks for having us at the launch event! 

For more information, please visit the official website at or Facebook page.

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