Saturday, April 14, 2018

[staycation] The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Bay View

I was extremely glad to be back at The Fullerton Bay Hotel to enjoy a one night stay at a Bay view room! Thanks so much to the hotel for this complimentary stay!

 Upon entering the room, we were amazed by the spacious and beautiful room which had a better view as compared to our previous room during our wedding solemnization day.

The Wi-Fi in the room was running TREMENDOUSLY FAST, and I enjoyed my dramas online without having any issues. 

The hotel provided TWG tea bags for their staying guests in the room, which were replenished daily! Naturally, we helped ourselves to the tea, and this went great with the Matcha Chocolate Wafers from Royce that was given to me as a gift from my ex-colleague, Lynn! 

I went over to the bathroom, and all toiletries they offered from Bottega Veneta. They were replenished daily as well! Apart from the toiletries, we also felt pampered by the other hotel amenities provided by the hotel too.

Thanks to my lovely Friend, Meryl who bought me a Lush bath bomb during her recent flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had a relaxing bathtub experience!

The Fullerton Bay Hotel provided a 24-hour service to make up the room, which means you can request for a clean up to the room at any time. They also provide green apples daily to their guests, and we received some chocolates after the room was made-up. We really felt pampered by the hotel during our stay. Thanks for pampering us with all these little actions. A little means so much!

Our stay was inclusive of breakfast, and I must say the spread was pretty good. Apart from the spread, you can make your orders at your table by looking through the menu that was provided.

We ordered a portion of Eggs Benedict, and a portion of Pancakes with Berries and Maple Syrup!

Sadly, we had to check out the next day, but amazingly we were given a late check out by the hotel upon request! The service provided by The Fullerton Bay Hotel was awesome, and we will be back again in the future during our anniversary! Thanks once again for making our stay a truly pleasurable one! 

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