Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lynn - my bestie went to Taiwan for holiday in September and she was back 3 weeks ago. So lovely, she got me Hand Moisturiser from Sony Labs (B&C). I love it loads! Thanks Babe... *HUGZ*

Just like an REAL APPLE >>> RED & JUICY.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Biore sample kit

I redeemed the FREE Biore sample kit from thesamplestore... Thanks TSS for waiving the postage :) Love them loads!

Sample Set Includes :-

1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (2 Pcs)

Watami @ Raffles City

Watami at Raffles City will open its doors on 15th September 2010...

I had my dinner there... I love the ambience, service and of course the food there... I think they serve better food than Waraku... I LOVE WATAMI!

Hire K. Toji is yummylicious! Drooling????

Pour the beaten egg and cook well together with the katsu...

Side dish - Crabmeat Cream Croquette

I love my dinner! I will bring my Baby to dine there soon... cos both of us are Nippon Food Lovers...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movie Premiums - 71 : Into The Fire

Won the exculsive movie premiums from 71 : Into The Fire... Thanks inSing!

Thanks Baby for collecting the winning items on behalf... Muaks!

Create an original with The Body Shop

I entered myself for the contest...Created my personal scent, sound cool rite?
My idea entry : Limited Edition - RKM Shower Gel.
Hope I can win the London trip for 2 and my creation will be consider at The Body Shop labs too... Cross my fingers & PRAY HARD!

Up close with Jeff Chang

Baby is a super fan of Jeff Chang, King of Love Ballads. He loves his songs to the MAX!!!

Jeff Chang is coming to City Square Mall on the 30/Oct to promote his latest album - Genesis.
Why all good things happen on the same day???
30/Oct is our busiest day >>> Programmes and Events Outline :-

7am-3am : Baby is going for the Subaru Challenge as he is helping up Mediacorp for this event.
4pm-5pm : Meet Jeff Chang in person @ City Square Mall.
7pm-9pm : The Sentosa Spooktacular 2010 >>> Our Debut Halloween Celebration.
10pm-till late night : RED HALLOWEEN by Ed Hardy Vodka + Ed Hardy Fashion Show Presentation @ The Penthouse of Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel.

What a busy day!.. Really looking forward to 30/Oct this Saturday....

Due Date Preview Screening

I won a pair of tickets to Due Date from FB - F Movie Mag Fanpage! Baby & I went for the preview screening...

We were given the latest copy of F*** Movie Magazine... OM! Look @ the cover of the mag... *Scream*... Yes, it's Robert Downey Jr.

--- Posters of Due Date ---

A forthcoming 'buddy' road trip comedy - 'Due Date' stars the odd pair of Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. 'Due Date' was produced by director and co-writer - Todd Phillips... Same director who directed 'The Hangover'... Simply truly funny & refreshing.

Sunny, the pug is cute in the show... Kinda gross to see a dog doing the BIG 'M'

Rating: 3.5/5

There wasn't one single boring sequence throughout the whole show because Todds Phillip delivers 'Due Date' the exact 100% comedy experience as 'The Hangover'. The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifanakis is GREAT and most of all, the acting between them were top notch.

If you are hungry for laughs, do catch 'Due Date'... Definitely worth watching. This movie really deserved my best shot...

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to F Movie Mag. The premiere date is on the 04/November

***pixs courtesy by Google search***

Monday, October 25, 2010



STRIP welcoming the month of October with Limited Edition Strip Tote Bags + Button Badges!

Gotta a reply via FB on the 07/Oct that I had won myself a pair Strip Button Badges...
I missed this first reply.. I was alerted on 18/Oct when Strip sent a reminder message... I sent them my details upon seeing the reminder... Phew! I am still on time for my detail submission...

I received via snail mail with 2 lovely Button Badges from Strip... Thanks ya!

Bintan Beach Bash

All thanks to 91.3FM & OCBC Cards... I spent my weekend with The Married Men @ Bintan Lagoon Resort...

A special weekend for us... 22/Oct is our 26th Monthsary! A pleasant surprise celebration for us indeed...

I love my travel buddy...

Baby & I reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal 10mins before 12noon... Waited for almost 30mins to pick up our ferry tickets and boarding passes... We had lite bite before boarding the ferry... We reached Bintan @ 2.30pm (Indo local time).

Met up Rod Monteiro after immigration >>> Woo Hoo! THE MARRIED MEN BINTAN BEACH BASH has began... He brought us to the bus that will bring us to Bintan Lagoon Resort. Bus ride was less than 25mins... Picked up our keys and headed straight up to our room...We were given the Deluxe with Sea facing room... Love the balcony to the MAX!!!

Haha! Me and myself... Cam-whoring lolx! While Baby was washing up himself in the bathroom...

I got myself a colorful stones ring and some hp charms from the souvenir shop...

Free and Easy time for us after checking in... Baby & I decided to explore the greenery scenery of Bintan Lagoon Resort...

We had a mingle session with The Married Men & other fellow tour members... Baby & I were dang excited as the chatting session @ 3 Degree!! We both fell in love with this place while exploring the resort...

After the session, we headed back to our rooms as we were be having a tele-match at the beach area with The Married Men the very next day, morning...

Our group didn't win but we had fun there... Baby & Sherman were great, they team-ed with each other... They tossed egg to each other and the distance between them got further with every succeed catch... In-order to win this race, distance played a very big role for this game... furthest distance wins... They have to ensure the egg is not cracked during the tossing... Once the egg cracked, the race ceased.

Love this tele-match session loads... Thanks The Married Men Teams & Jeremy, the game organiser too

After the games, we went back to room to wash up.. cos we were like 'Muah Chee'... Sand was all over my body and my hair too... OMG!! I felt so 'sandy' Humph!... We were famished after the match, we went for some snack-ing @ our fave haunt - 3 Degree...

I had Camomille and Baby got himself House Pour - White Wine... We shared Calamari Rings with Fries... I love the ambience! Feel so good to dine by the sea...

Standing in-front of our room... Say OCBCccccc!!!

We had Italian dinner for our last nite in Bintan...

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! After a long wait >>> The Married Men Bintan Beach Bash... Gathered at the hotel lobby for the transfer for the beach bash... Just like a mini ZoukOut Preview said by Baby... The bash was awesome!

Look out for Hutch... He was having the crazy time @ Bintan Beach Bash...

91.3FM - The Married Men : Rod Monteiro and Hutch >>> YOU GUYS ROXS!!! THANKS Bintan Lagoon for the wonderful stay and lastly, I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to OCBC Cards for everything...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

AL&ALICIA’s Exclusive Giveaway

I entered myself for the AL&ALICIA’s Exclusive Giveaway early October. To my surprise, I was one of the lucky winners to win a $50 dining voucher from the Lo&Behold Group.

Received this classy black envelope from AL&ALICIA... I am going to use this voucher either 'OVEREASY' or 'LOOF'.

Thanks AL&ALICIA for the giveaway and selected me as one of the winner... YAY!

My forthcoming halloween celebration

After much consideration, I finally decided to spend my halloween nite (30/Oct) @ Sentosa Spooktacular 2010... I purchased the early bird tickets online. I paid SGD28 per ticket. What a steal! My first halloween celebration with my Baby... I am looking forward to enjoy a hair-raising night at Sentosa Spooktacular (^^)
*** See! This is my payment confirmation page ***
Get ready to be spooked this year, as Sentosa brings us Singapore’s largest Asian-themed Halloween event - Sentosa Spooktacular 2010
The spooky game starts @ 7pm and we will be experiencing of the four spooktacular trails, where we will be encountering Asian ghouls and other supernatural forces....

Haunted Trail 01 - The Cursed Island

Embark on a journey on the cursed island where many have fought have lost their lives while trying to prevent the theft of the world's most sought after treasure.

Haunted Trail 02 - Dead or Alive Wax Museum

Wander through the labyrinth of dead bodies preserved in a wax in The Wax Museum.

Haunted Trail 03 - The Haunted Asylum

Get lost in the terrifying darkness of a cannibal village on Palau Hantu whose inhabitants have been killed by plague.

Haunted Trail 04 - Tower of Fear

Soak in the spooky ambience of the Tiger Sky Tower, which rises 131 metres above sea level and brace yourself for encounters of the third kind.

For more information, pls visit