Wednesday, January 31, 2018

[product review] SONAKI Crystal Vita C Shower Head

Taking showers to me are akin to personal quiet time, where one washes away the daily toils and weariness of the day. I've also read about the benefits of bathing in vitamin infused water, and I was recently given the chance to experience this myself with the SONAKI Crystal VitaC Shower Head that was sent to me!
 SONAKI Crystal Vita C Shower Head has 3 shower-settings: Shower, rain and massage. 

I personally feel that water from the tap maybe clean and free from bacteria but it may contain traces of chlorine which is used to disinfect the water system. Chlorine may aggravate the skin of some individuals who are sensitive, and the skin may end up feeling dry and flaky. Hence the main reason for me to take up this collaboration is so that I can opt to use the SONAKI VitaC Shower head, as it has a chlorine filter fitted into the shower head! With this gadget's aid, Vitamin C is released through the filter, and Chlorine is instantly neutralized as soon as water starts to flow out!
This power-packed vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that helps support the body’s immune system as well as as to reduce the severity of cold/flu symptoms. It is also an essential factor in collagen production. This allows for consumers to have an alternate choice to achieve this benefits without the need for taking it orally!

The Vitamin C water works well in any temperature and it saves up to 50% water savings. Additionally,  I love that the shower head has a 'Conserve Water' mode, where you can use the on/off switch control to turn off the water without shutting off the heater.
Healthier hair and skin is what we can achieve as Chlorine will damage our permed or colored hair, as SONAKI VitaC Shower Head filters the shower water to promote better skin and hair conditions. Vitamin C plays an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful looking skin.
Thanks for this ingenious product, as I now experience chlorine-free water within my comfy bathroom! My skin feels softer and the moisturizing shower/gel cream that I use is absorbed more effectively into the skin.

 The installation of the shower head is hassle-free, and it has a simple filter change system with no maintenance required. Do check out the below diagram for easy reference.
This product is suitable for all people with sensitive skin types, and this even includes babies!
 Each VitaC Filter Refill can last around 3-6 months, and you can puchase the 3-piece filter refill pack for the VitaC showerhead at SGD15.

Interested? Go on and give VitaC showerhead a try! Readers of my blog can enjoy a 20% when you make your purchase online via Sonaki Website. Do remember to use promo code 'JESSIE20' when you check out your shopping cart. The promo code is only till 8th Feb 2018.
For more information, pls visit 

Monday, January 29, 2018

[random] The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival + New Year’s Dinner

Recently, the Sales and CSR Team in my company gathered for a New Year's dinner at the Carlton Hotel. This dinner marked our very first get-together dinner in 2018. We had fresh and juicy oysters, and they tasted good too!

Before we called it a night and prepared to leave, we took a group photo at the hotel lobby. Thanks Boss D for the lovely dinner treat!

Boss B just came back from his holiday from Chengdu, China recently, and he got each of us (CSR) a bamboo holder as a gift. 

My nephew, Hay Boy has been pestering me to bring him to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival which is located outside the Marina Bay Sands (MBS), so I brought him there along with my folks! This carnival is now running till the 01st April 2018. The carnival's scale is a rare affair in Singapore as it spans 25,000 square metres which allows for more space within the fair to be explored without being caught in a squeeze by the huge crowds.

Entry to the carnival is free but you'll need to get a token card to fill up with credits in order to enjoy the games and rides (do note: SGD1 = 1 credit). The carnival features over 40 rides and games, and many of them were brought into Singapore from European countries such as UK, Germany, Italy and etc...

I am more into the thrilling rides such as The Star Flyer and Mach 5. Baby and I will definitely be back again to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. I didn't get any chance for OOTD at the carnival due to the recent downpours of rain we have been experiencing recently, so I want to be there again to take random OOTD photos. 

I end my post with my OOTD at the newly furnished extension wing of Northpoint City Mall! I love my flowery top very much, and it was purchased in Batam.

Lastly, my random weekday lunch with Suni at Ai Mian Zi which is located at Suntec City. The portion was generous and the damage seems decent. Unfortunately, I didn't think much of the taste, as I found it mediocre at best.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

[Gudetama Cafe] Advance Birthday Celebration 2018

Entering the blogging sphere and being a blogger for almost 8 years has been a great experience for me. During my journey of blogging, I was blessed to meet fellow bloggers who have now become my close good friends/buddies! Everybody knows that the growing up changes a lot of things in life, and these changes eventually make it harder for us to meet up at events, or to even blog to meet deadlines! We have our own priorities, which we need to focus on the more important things in life.

Hence, while I now have lesser time, blogging is still an aspect of my life! One just needs to have efficient time planning, in order to meet my blogging deadlines or to generally just update my blog. Although everybody was busy with their own life, I was very happy that they made time to celebrate my birthday in advance, as I am spending my birthday week in Kyushu, Japan!


Recently, we met up at Gudetama Cafe which is located at Suntec City, as all my friends know that I am a HUGE fan of the lazy egg mascot. I recall I even celebrated a previous birthday at Gudetama Cafe in Hong Kong way back in 2016. At first, I was a bit apprehensive as I am generally sceptical of the food quality at themed character cafes, but after dining here, I would say my experience was way better than the Hongkong outlet, or even other Character Cafes in singapore.

Ryden had Gudetama Lobster Onsen, and the thick and luscious lobster bisque with poached egg was served in a crusty bread bowl. It was accompanied by seasonal greens which made it a pretty decent starter! 

Jasmine had the Big 'Nua' Breakfast which was literally the classic English breakfast with complete breakfast ingredients such as bacon strips, sausage and sunny-side-up eggs! 

Both Sweetie and I had the famous sweet and savoury main course, Waffles and Chicken! was attracted by the super adorable presentation when it was served to my table. The grilled chicken thigh was tender and well-marinated. I enjoyed my meal, as it tasted really yummy. 

Meryl had the 'Are You Busy' Burger, which was served with double prime beef patties, melted cheese, bacon and a sunny-side up egg. What a hearty combination! As with any burger meal, it comes with fries and a dip on the side. 

Ryden and Poppy had the Rib-'I' Don't Care. The char-grilled prime ribeye steak was perfectly done with the choice of your method of cooking. It was topped with creamy mushroom sauce and served with mashed potatoes and garden vegetables. 

 The damage was pretty pricey but the yummy food served made up for it! I will definitely come back again with my Baby, despite the hefty price tag, as I know Baby will enjoy it very much.

Thanks for all the lovely gifts! Hugsss everyone :)

Auntie Vi got me a Tsum Tsum Recycled Bag which comes free with every purchase of 2 X 1L magnolia milk and we had our lunch at Malaysia Chiak, which is located at Northpoint City. I enjoyed the Penang Char Kway Teow very much! 

Monday, January 22, 2018

[Sept holiday] Short trip to Phuket

After my trip to New Zealand (North Island) in April, I decided to celebrate Baby's birthday by having a short getaway in September. We purchased our air tickets from Tiger Airways to Phuket, Thailand. The flying time to Phuket was about 1hr 45 mins.

Prior to our departure, we purchased an airport-hotel transfer online that cost us THB700 for a one way trip. I took a random OOTD while waiting for the driver!

The car journey took 45mins to get to our pre-booked hotel, the 'Burasari Phuket Hotel Resort'. It is located in the heart of the bustling beach town of Patong, and it is also famous for the vibrant night scene.
Entering the resort premises was like walking into a tropical oasis, as I got into a relaxed state of mind instantly! The hotel was a lovely boutique resort that was surrounded by plenty of nature, with lush trees, gardens filled with pretty flowers, and quaint wooden bridges to top it off.

We received a warm welcome as soon as I got off the transfer. While we were checking in, the hotel staff served us refreshing welcome drinks. 

After we were done with our check-in procedure, we were told that our room was still under cleaning. We left our luggage with the concierge, and went over to nearby places to have our lunch. Our resort is located beside Patong Beach and is a 5 min walk away from 'Shopping OTOP', as well as the Hard Rock Café.

We stopped by San Sabai Restaurant, a Thai eatery place at Shopping OTOP for lunch. Baby started off with Singha Beer while I had Thai Ice Milk Tea. 

Both of us loved the Squid Salad, as it tasted delicious. 

The Tom Yum Goong was superb too! 

Baby had Chicken Basil Rice and I ordered a plate of Phad Thai for myself.

After our meal, we walked back to the resort to get into our room! I immediately fell in love with the room as it was amazingly lavish and comfy. The room was spacious and clean, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the refreshments in the room, including the contents of the minibar, were all complimentary! Drinks and snacks would be replenished without any extra charge daily! Thanks Baby for getting us such a wonderful room!
 I love the classic and elegant Thai-styled setting with wooden furniture and carvings, but overall, the room did give off a modern feel too. 

The Burasari Hotel Resort is very generous with their amenities, and they provide their guests with almost everything! 

We lepark-ed in the hotel as our flight was pretty early in the morning, as we didn't really get any sleep the night before. 


Time for dinner! We walked over to Bangla Road which was about 15mins away from where we stayed to get our meal. We settled for a dinner at Nicky's Bar!

After our meal, we had a short walk at the Patong Beach Night Entertainment / Night Market before heading back to our resort! 

Time to relax in the bathtub after a long day, and I shall continue on my Phuket Trip in my next post! Thanks for reading :)