Saturday, January 20, 2018

Welcome the Year of the Dog with F&N!

Welcome the Year of the Dog with F&N! I hereby wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Dog bring good fortune and luck to all of you!
Recently, F&N has launched three limited edition Festive Packs in order to share the happiness and joy of Chinese New Year!

The cheery and happy variants of F&N Sparkling Drinks are a familiar sight during Chinese New Year celebrations. These F&N drinks generally receive plenty of love from the young, as well as the older generation!

This year, the F&N Variety Pack adapts vivid shades of red and yellow, which are colours that are traditionally favored as lucky colours that welcome a prosperous new year.)An intricate traditional artwork of a dog conveying the festive greetings of 旺旺来福 on the vibrant pack rings in the Year of the Dog with good luck and fortune to one and all!
F&N brings us a healthier Chinese New Year by introducing the F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack, a selection of four beverages which have been certified 'The Healthier Choice' by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea Reduced Sugar and SEASONS White Chrysanthemum Tea Reduced Sugar are healthier, lower in sugar variants of the ever-popular flavors, and are bound to be favorites during the festive celebrations!

F&N has also added 2 healthier choices on 2 of their familiar products during the recent launch. The F&N Orange Zero and F&N Sarsi Zero also provide a taste of nostalgia as they are zero sugar options! Upon tasting them, it did remind me about my favorite childhood memories!

This year, 100PLUS introduces the 100PLUS Value Pack with specially designed cans of 100PLUS in the auspicious colour of gold to bring good fortune () and happiness () to everyone’s celebrations! I love the illustration very much as the design welcomes good fortune, happiness and joy to everyone this coming festive season. 
Stunning illustrations of the traditional Chinese lions accompany the artfully stylised forms of the Chinese characters, with the male lion bringing in good fortune, and his female counterpart ushering in happiness.

The limited edition F&N Variety Pack (24 cans of assorted flavours) (recommended selling price (RSP) of SGD13.45), F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack (24 cans of assorted flavours) (RSP of SGD13.45), and the 100PLUS Value Pack (24 cans of 100PLUS Original) (RSP of SGD14.70) are available from January 2018 at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.
The newly launched F&N Orange Zero and F&N Sarsi Zero are also available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores at the recommended selling price of SGD0.70 for 300ml cans, and SGD3.25 for a cluster pack of 6 cans.
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