Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pet Chika Toothpaste by 0.8L Singapore + Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

Brushing teeth is essential for every pet as it keeps their breath fresh and maintains good dental hygiene.

I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me a 'Pet Chika' Toothpaste directly from Korea! It is a popular brand in Korea, and it is one of the most popular and effective toothpaste brands for pets that eliminates bad breath, as well as aiding in tartar and plaque removal.

Getting my lovable pet dog, Coco to sit still while brushing her teeth used to be a difficult task, but now thanks to Pet Chika toothpaste, the tasty banana flavour attracts her and makes this task so much simpler! It is definitely serves as a big aid to me, as Coco's biggest fear is getting her teeth brushed.

Both Baby and I love Japanese 'Ten-Don' very much, and upon hearing that there is a new food joint that has opened at Vivo City, we decided to have our dinner there on Boxing Day! Upon entering Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu, it gave me a strong, classic, 'Zen-Dining' experience!


Baby had Akimitsu's Signature Tendon which comes with a great portion of prawns, whitefish fillet, seaweed, assorted vegetable tempura and an egg. It is definitely worth the price paying for such generous portion. Baby added on a mini bowl of Udon at a minimal price to his main course.

I ordered the unique Tendon, Kakiage Tendon, which consists of a huge piece of Kakiage Tempura! Kakiage is a Japanese fried cake that contains prawns, silverfish, white fish, onions and egg mixed within a delicious batter!  It covered the whole bowl, and the crispy batter was pretty addictive! Whenever I eat Ten-don I generally love to mix the rice and the tempura batter with Tendon Sauce before partaking!

Every order of a main course comes with complimentary free-flow pickles and a single portion of Chawanmushi. I enjoyed the silken and flavorful Chawanmushi very much.  

I enjoyed my meal very much, and Akimitsu is now one of my favorite tendon outlets in Singapore. The damage was about SGD40, and I will definitely be back again soon!

Recently, I started to replace my normal BB cream with Laniege BB Cushion (Whitening), and I opted for #21 Natural Beige which suits my complexion shade. For a better coverage, I increased the application as it doesn't make my face look cakey at all. It gave a natural finish and is a perfect product to use in hot and humid Singapore.

It has been almost a year or 2 since I last met up with Elizabeth (Yann), and recently we re-connected due to my weekend stay-over at Woodlands. Therefore, it now gives us a good reason to meet up in the neighbourhood whenever I am over on weekends!

We met up at Mos Burger which is located at Admiralty MRT Station, and we had a hearty 2 hours + seesion of a meet-up! We really enjoyed each other's company, and we promised to meet up more often for meals or to catch up with each other over drinks and light bites. Due to our meet up being on Christmas Eve, we also did a small gift exchange! Thanks for the gift and home-made cakes as well as to make time for this meet-up! 

I end my post with some random weekday dinner at House of Roasted Duck at Bugis Village and Thai Bowl which is located at Chinatown Point! 

Lastly, thanks Jane, my colleague for the gift, although Christmas was over! It is never to late to show your love to the people you care ; Always be thankful and contented with what you have. 

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