Wednesday, January 31, 2018

[product review] SONAKI Crystal Vita C Shower Head

Taking showers to me are akin to personal quiet time, where one washes away the daily toils and weariness of the day. I've also read about the benefits of bathing in vitamin infused water, and I was recently given the chance to experience this myself with the SONAKI Crystal VitaC Shower Head that was sent to me!
 SONAKI Crystal Vita C Shower Head has 3 shower-settings: Shower, rain and massage. 

I personally feel that water from the tap maybe clean and free from bacteria but it may contain traces of chlorine which is used to disinfect the water system. Chlorine may aggravate the skin of some individuals who are sensitive, and the skin may end up feeling dry and flaky. Hence the main reason for me to take up this collaboration is so that I can opt to use the SONAKI VitaC Shower head, as it has a chlorine filter fitted into the shower head! With this gadget's aid, Vitamin C is released through the filter, and Chlorine is instantly neutralized as soon as water starts to flow out!
This power-packed vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that helps support the body’s immune system as well as as to reduce the severity of cold/flu symptoms. It is also an essential factor in collagen production. This allows for consumers to have an alternate choice to achieve this benefits without the need for taking it orally!

The Vitamin C water works well in any temperature and it saves up to 50% water savings. Additionally,  I love that the shower head has a 'Conserve Water' mode, where you can use the on/off switch control to turn off the water without shutting off the heater.
Healthier hair and skin is what we can achieve as Chlorine will damage our permed or colored hair, as SONAKI VitaC Shower Head filters the shower water to promote better skin and hair conditions. Vitamin C plays an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful looking skin.
Thanks for this ingenious product, as I now experience chlorine-free water within my comfy bathroom! My skin feels softer and the moisturizing shower/gel cream that I use is absorbed more effectively into the skin.

 The installation of the shower head is hassle-free, and it has a simple filter change system with no maintenance required. Do check out the below diagram for easy reference.
This product is suitable for all people with sensitive skin types, and this even includes babies!
 Each VitaC Filter Refill can last around 3-6 months, and you can puchase the 3-piece filter refill pack for the VitaC showerhead at SGD15.

Interested? Go on and give VitaC showerhead a try! Readers of my blog can enjoy a 20% when you make your purchase online via Sonaki Website. Do remember to use promo code 'JESSIE20' when you check out your shopping cart. The promo code is only till 8th Feb 2018.
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