Wednesday, January 3, 2018

[random-ness] Jack's Place + Mouth Restaurant + Craftholic

Baby brought me and Auntie Vi for an early Christmas dinner at Jack's Place which is located at Civic Centre.
We kicked off with Calamari Rings and Escargots as our starters! The damage was about SGD100-ish, and thanks Baby for the wonderful meal! (Actually, thanks NS50 for the vouchers haha!)

I have been a lover of Craftholic since 2013, and I proudly own an extra large 'Rock-Star Craft Rab, 2 medium Plushes that consist of 2012's Christmas Limited Edition Red Craft Rab & Classic Craft Sloth, a Sakura Craft Rab Cushion, a Classic Craft Sloth iPhone6 cover, and lastly, a Hawaii Craft Rab pouch!

Recently, I picked up 2 more items to add on to my Craftholic collection from the newly-opened store on VivoCity.

I love both the Pierrot Craft Multi Case and Smile Craft Card Pouch. 

This year, Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday, and Auntie Vi & RKM maintained their daily Sunday Brunch by having Dim Sum! This time, we went to the Mouth Restaurant at Chinatown.
Mouth Restaurant began as a teahouse, which serves quintessential dim sum to the Cantonese Community in Singapore since the 80's, and now it has become a prominent Chinese Restaurant that offers modern Cantonese cuisine at affordable prices!
Upon entering the premises, we were greeted by a typical Hong Kong old school dim sum teahouse but upon closer look, we notice that the eatery place is designed with modern wallpapers and ceiling lamps. 

We were lucky to get a table without any reservations made in advance on a Sunday late morning. Some reviews online recommended the Salted Egg Custard Bun as a definite choice, so we decided to give that a try. It was a good choice as the buns were unlike the typical steamed buns as they make it akin to the HK-styled Bo Lo Buns which made the overall taste better!

My personal recommendations are the Steamed Spare Ribs with Garlic & Chili, Phoenix Claw, Shrimp Beancurd Roll, Siew Mai and Pan Fried Carrot Cake.
We had a delightful meal, and the damage was about SGD118-ish. While this may seem steep, I must add that we also ordered half a Peking Duck! Thanks Auntie Vi for the Christmas Eve brunch treat!

Lastly, thanks Skin Inc for the Facial in Flash Trial kit to me to embark my beautiful journey. 

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