Thursday, June 22, 2017

[food review] Yuba Hut at Heartland Mall

Thanks Kenny, for extending your invite to me to a tasting session at Yuba Hut, a newly opened food joint located at Heartland Mall, next to Kovan MRT Station.

Normally as a 'tagged' guest, I get to enjoy tasting the food, but I have the option not to do any write ups. However, I was impressed by the eatery place, hence I've decided to share my experience at Yuba Hut! I want to share it to my readers and friends that love Japanese food especially, as the Yuba Hut serves some very good Nipponese fare!

The signature items that are served at Yuba Hut include Salmon Aburi Don and Champion Floss Maki. 

The Champion Floss Maki is my favorite entrée during the tasting session. It tasted super 'oishi'!

We also had the Spicy Salmon Aburi Don with their special spicy sauce and chilli flakes. 

The Cream Cheese Mentaiko Salmon Maki was a little too rich and sinful for liking, although it did taste rather delicious.

I love the Aburi Salmon Rice Bowl, as it left me wanting more! 

For patrons who are on a budget, you will delighted to visit this eatery place, as all prices listed are basis nett price! Thanks for the kind hospitality, and I had a nice tasting session at Yuba Hut. 

Open daily from 11am-10pm 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[random] Food Gems in JB & SG

Both Baby and I missed our favorite wanton Mee from JB, Malaysia, so on a random Sunday, we decided to drive in! OMG! I love having impromptu trips to fulfil our cravings.!

We visited our favorite wanton mee restaurant, 'Yit Foh' for our brekkie fix. I love the noodles and wantons very much. On reflection, I first visited this eatery way back in 2010/2011, and after all these years the food quality still never fails to impress me! The only thing is, I notice the prices have gone up tremendously as compared to my first visit 6 or 7 years ago.

Nevertheless, the price is still pretty affordable due to our strong currency exchange, but most importantly I love the wanton mee very much! 

After brekkie, we drove to Aeon Tebrau City for some shopping. I picked up some cute socks and a foundation brush. I also purchased a striped top from Padini at RM29.

Argh! I miss Japan... I took a random OOTD at the Japan themed corner in the mall. 

We had our lunch at Restoran Uncle Pou Wok which is located at Mount Austin. We had our usual favorites such as 'Yong Tau Foo' and 'Bittergourd with Salted Egg. 

We also ordered 2 other dishes to round up our sumptuous meal. The damage was RM55. 

I end my post with my recent haul from the 'Blog-shop Clearance Sale', which was held at the Suntec City Convention Centre. Say yay to my Minion Cube Pouch! 

Lastly, I want to share a food gem that I found in Woodlands. Recently, I had the chance to visit the 'Black & White' Rojak stall which I was told was very good. Honestly, it is one of the best Rojaks I've had so far, and I savoured every bit of it, as the yummy plum sauce coated every single ingredient! The taupok was crispy and the youtiao was very crunchy and fresh. The stall is also very generous with the toppings of crushed peanuts, which is always a must have for any good rojak! Ultimately, I think the secret to this yummy rojak is the lime that is added! I would fully recommend trying this rojak if you happen to be in the area!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

[kansai region] Nara Park

Nara is another great cultural city within the Kansai Region, and is famous for its guardian animals, Sacred Deer! You can find one of Japan's oldest and largest temples in Nara too. One full day was sufficient for me to see most of the sights in Nara, as it isn't a big city. It was easy to get from one place to another by just walking.

We took the JR train from Namba to Nara with my pre-paid pass for around 30 minutes via the special rapid service train. 

Upon reaching Nara JR Station, we headed straight up to Nara Park, and the walking distance was around 20-25 minutes. We stopped by for an early lunch at Coco Ichibanya for some curry rice before continue our journey to Nara Park. 

There are over 1000 deer in the park, and they are supposedly tamer than those found in the wild, but I still found that some of tem could be rough, despite their cute appearance. This is because the deer are so used to tourists/humans feeding them, and are a source of food!

Many tourists are allowed to purchase special 'Deer Biscuits' from vendors within the park to feed them, and they cost JPY150 per bundle 

Beware of the photo galore for the deer! 

When I was at the park, many deer tried to eat my park guide and the paper packaging of the biscuits. As long as you keep the biscuits away from them, the deer tend to be pretty well-behaved. There is one interesting thing about them, if you bow to the deer, they will bow back in return! 

We also went to the Todaiji Temple too! 

The deer in the park made my visit to Nara a fun and memorable one! 

The deer are such an integral part of Nara's tourism that there are several deer-inspired souvenirs. I picked up some of them from the shop! 

Before leaving Nara to Osaka, we stopped by for some comfort food for dinner. I had Soba while Baby had Udon instead. It was a simple yet filling meal. Noodles are one of the staple foods for the Japanese, and we happily had a good meal of it! 

Thanks for reading on my travel post on Nara, and my next post will be on the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto!