Monday, June 12, 2017

Sengkang General Hospital’s Community Health Fair

I was invited to attend the Sengkang General Hospital’s Community Health Fair which was held at Compass One. The agenda of this event was to celebrate an important milestone in the construction of the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals, and to move one step closer to its opening in 2018.

The residents in Sengkang can look forward to a high quality Hospital, with an experienced team of healthcare professionals that are equipped with the latest technology. 

 Healthy habits should start from young, and those who started early will continue to reap the benefits of good health as they move on to their adulthood. I was glad to see many parents had brought their kids to explore the health fair, and to understand the importance of healthy lifestyle habits and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

This health fair themed 'Prepare. Prevent. Protect' is one such effort to spread the healthy living message to the community. The fair highlights the importance of preventive care and management of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, frailty, fall prevention and dementia through booth exhibitions and activities. 

The 'Preventing Cancers' Zone featured an extensive guide on preventive care exhibits on cancer preventions, treatments and identifying at-risk signs for colorectal, breast and prostate cancer. 

I played a game on using a dissection machine,  and it is typically used to remove tissues using water jets. 

The 'Beating Diabetes' Zone offered information on recognising the signs and symptoms on diabetes, and on the various ways to prevent it. 

I also participated in the booth game to discover the sugar content in our common everyday food choices, and to find out on how much exercise is needed to burn it off. 

The Public are encouraged to pen down their wishes for the upcoming hospitals on the 'Well Wishes' Tree!

We were given an activity card, and we can get a stamp once you have visited the exhibit booth! Once you have completed the activity card with 4 stamps, you can redeem a goodies bag! 

I enjoyed the fair very much as it was a great day out of fun and I learnt more about health-related information. Thanks for the invite, and I look forward to its opening, with all the new facilities under one roof! 

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