[facial review] Nano Stem Cell Facial Treatment by Chrysalis Spa

When I am packed with a busy schedule, all I want to do to distress is to pamper myself with a great facial/spa session.
I got very excited when Chrysalis Spa invited me over for a session of their signature Nano Stem Cell Facial Treatment. Lately, due to my hectic lifestyle, my skin wasn't in a good condition. My complexion is dull and feels dry at times. I scheduled it immediately on a weekend because my skin was in desperate need for some rejuvenation.  

Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop Spa in Singapore, which was established in 2001. They provide an array selection of beauty services for the face and body.
Stem cells have an anti-aging function. It helps to reduce wrinkle lines and to increase collagen and elastin. As we age, our natural skin cells regenerate at a decreased rate hence leading to lower collagen and elastin in the body. With the help of stem cell treatments, we can increase our collagen and elastin levels in our bodies, and to achieve youthful looking skin. 

I visited one of their outlets, which is located at AMK HUB, and my skin was all ready to receive the goodness from this facial session.
To get started, I slipped into a Tiffany Green tube dress, and the therapist gave me a welcome massage on my upper body. She removed my make-up and cleansed my face thoroughly. She also did an extraction of blackheads and tidied up my eyebrows too! 

I was surprised that Chrysalis Spa doesn't perform facial steaming to enlarge pores, but I was told that this isn't recommended as it may allow more impurities to go into the skin! To do a painless extraction, the therapist applied pore gel on my face to soften my pores. Oh well, it still hurts a little when it comes to my stubborn blackheads, but the pain is bearable. Overall, I had a nice 15 minutes of extraction session. 
After the extraction, my skin was treated to Nano Stem Cell ampoules goodness. What I liked most about this facial treatment was that it was purely using bare hand-techniques, and there was no devices used to penetrate the ampoules into my skin. The therapist took a long time to massage my face to ensure that the applied ampoules were being absorbed by the skin completely. I really loved the face massage, and it was so soothing that I nearly fell asleep.
The next phase was having a good 20 minutes rest with a cooling mask on my face, and I got to snooze a little while my face was receiving the beneficial properties from the mask. I finished off with the last step of the facial session. The therapist applied serum, moisturiser and sunblock on my face.

As there was no mirror in the room, I took a selfie to check if my skin was red from the extraction process, I was surprised that my face was glowing without a sign of redness. 
The whole facial process took about 75 minutes and I put on a light make-up before leaving the parlor! My skin felt well-protected with all the goodness used during the session. I am glad to have tried out this impressive facial. 

 The Nano Stem Cell Facial Treatment is available at any Chrysalis Spa outlets as below:

 · AMK HUB #03-26, Tel: 6481 9270
· Bedok Mall #01-25, Tel: 6587 3310
· Westgate #B1-43, Tel: 6567 5393
· Pacific Plaza #03-13, Tel: 6884 9636

· Jurong Point JP1 #03-04, Tel: 6265 8308 (new outlet)
 Opening hours: 11am-9pm (Mom-Fri), 10am-7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)


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