Sunday, June 25, 2017

[random] Ramen Keisuke + McDonald's - Minions Potato

After a long hiatus, I finally met up with my good friend, Samantha for a dinner date! While we are constantly in touch with each other via WhatsApp, meeting up in person is also absolutely essential! We settled for a meal at Ramen Keisuke, which is located at Suntec City. 

The strength of the business is that they offer free-flow toppings, such as hard boiled eggs and spicy-marinated Bean Sprouts! Green tea is free as well! 

 We had a good time chatting and catching up with each other on the happenings in our lives! I am glad that our paths crossed 4 years ago. Thanks for being there always! 

Baby and I re-visited the Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant on a random Saturday as Baby had a craving for Hong Kong cuisine. He ordered his usual favorite food entree, 'Sorrowful Romantic Rice'. 

I had the typical Hong Kong Pork Chop Custard Bun Burger. Apart from that, we also ordered some sides such as Fried XO Carrot Cake and Steamed Siew Mai for sharing! The damage was about SGD32-ish. 

Tracy and I met up at Jurong Point for a skincare workshop. Beforehand, we had the popular Minions Potato for at McDonald's. Every piece of the potato 'minions' tasted pretty decent. More importantly they looked cute and were 'Insta-worthy'! 

After the workshop, we had dessert at Yami Yogurt. We had a nice conversation which lasted about an hour!

I will end my post with a photo of a door gift which we received from the Murad workshop. Happy weekend! 

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