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To-Fu CHOGOKIN-TANOSHII Diecast Figure (Japan Edition)

I received the Chogokin To-Fu Oyako from Bran²... He got it from me @ Far East Plaza…. Rather good deal as per him… Thanks Bran²... I love it....

To-Fu Oyako CHOGOKIN-TANOSHII 超合金樂 - (Japan Edition)
Release Year - 2008

Sakae Teppanyaki @ Bugis Junction

As usual meet-up Bran² after his work @ 7pm, we decided to have our dinner together as he worked near Bugis Junction, so we headed down to Sakae teppanyaki - Bugis Junction Outlet. I ordered the Chicken Set – include white rice, chicken meat, tofu steak, vegetables and scallops on the half-shell. I love the tofu steak the most… as for the grilled chicken – well teppan-grilled the ouside and moist & juicy in the inside. The veggies are done just nice, not overcooked.

chicken set

Bran² took the beef set which comes with white rice, beef meat, tofu steak, vegetables and chawanmushi.

teppan-grilled beef meat

I tried to the chawanmushi … taste delicious & look nice too….

chawanmushi - come with the beef set

My gifts from Taiwan

Violet - my colleague cum 'kaki' just back from her 2-weeks Taiwan Trip, she got me 3 pairs of coloured panty hose stockings…

Thanks pal…. Will get u gifts too in july when I back from my BKK trip

My Collection of Tofu.....

Lego (Brick) Tofu

Tofu Kids Series 1
Sweeto Tofu - Cookie


Here you can test how fast you are. Just type in the words. Every time you try to beat the score, you improve your typing speed :) I tried the test myself..... below is my score.

My fingers not fast leh so do bear with me when msn-ing.....

Are you faster? Try it just below the click below