Saturday, November 29, 2014

[Japan Hoilday] I miss Tokyo!

Harajuku is one of the famous fashion shopping areas in Tokyo, and nobody will fail to visit here when visiting Tokyo as it is filled with nice fashionable shops, cafes and restaurants.

Takeshita-Dori is a street of Harajuku that Daiso's flagship store is located. It is the biggest Daiso store in Tokyo which boasts 4-storey selling products that range from foodstuffs, stationery, household and personal grooming products.

Apart from getting cheap stuffs from Daiso, I also love the yummy crepe in Harajuku too. I picked a sweet treat from Marion Crepes, and it is uber delicious and the price was pretty affordable too!

My favorite accessories shop in Harajuku, Paris Kid's, as everything in the shop is selling at 324 Yen which is about SGD3-ish.

In Harajuku, we went to the Calbee retail store in order to get some chips for ourselves, and upon entering the store, we were greeted by a strong Halloween theme. Most of the products were packed in a Halloween theme as to welcome Halloween!

We chanced upon a store that was selling cute soul or ghost looking mascots, which has a close resemblance to the other jelly monster Hoppe! I went in the shop and walked around and took a photo of myself at the specially-decorated Halloween photo-wall.

It was the rainy season in October, and we met with a heavy downpour while at Harajuku, so we decided to have an early lunch at an Italian Restaurant for lunch, in order to while away our time and wait for the rain to subside.

We had pasta as our mains and they tasted decent, nothing special to shout about!

As we made our way to Shibuya by foot, we passed by Gindaco, so we stopped by and grabbed some tako balls. OM! They tasted fabulous.
All the above concluded my experience in Harajuku, and I think Harajuku is a place worth visiting as shopping / eating is fun in Tokyo!
Spending time in the park is the easiest and most enjoyable cost-saving activity to enjoy a day in Tokyo!
We visited the East Garden of Imperial Palace which is located near to the Tokyo JR Station, and it is open to visitors with no admission fee required. Currently, It is also the official home of Japan’s emperor and imperial family.

We entered from the east entrance at the Ote-gate, and once entered we were greeted by a a small admission office where they gave us a plastic ticket each and with this ticket token, we were free to explore the premises.

Lastly, do remember to return the plastic ticket before you exit the garden!
We ended our night in Tokyo at Hard Rock Cafe which is located at Roppongi, which was opened in 1983! 

We had some drinks and snacks at the premises, and this indulgence came with a hefty price tag. The damage was 3801 Yen which was about SGD46-ish. Oh well, I guess, living in Tokyo always comes with a price tag!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Preview screening of The Eyes Diary

Many people are afraid of ghosts, but there are some fearless ones who are always prepared to venture into the darkness, for a chance to see the ghost of a person they love dearly.

Thanks to Clover Films as they invited me to a preview screening of The Eyes Diary, and it is a horror movie with a combination of elements of touching love and drama
The movie is about a young man's uncanny ability to see ghosts. Nott (played by Prama Immanothai) lost his girlfriend, Pla (starring Focus Jirakul) who died in a tragic motorcycle accident. Nott wants to meet his girlfriend again, so he decided to join the body-removing emergency unit as a volunteer who needs to rush to the crime scene or auto accidents. He soon begins to collect deceased’s belongings as souvenirs in hoping they will open a portal to the world of the dead.
The Eyes Diary delivers the story pretty well but the movie leaves out some details of the casts and scenes that leave us wondering what actually happened. Lately, I noticed that Thai directors have lowered down the level of horror in order not to frighten and scare viewers too much, and the only scary element I felt in this movie were the creepy sound effects. How I wish this movie was slightly darker in tone and there were more scary and frightening scenes!

There are some funny scenes as they fit well with the storyline, and the movie balances the level of horror and humour perfectly well. I had a good laugh during the screening, which was a surprise as one does not often see humourous scenes in a Thai horror movie! 

The Eyes Diary is pretty entertaining and although the story plot is thin, it is still a fairly decent and good movie as a whole. If you want to watch the all-round movie which includes love, horror and humor then do catch this movie as it premieres on the 27 November 2014.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

A day out at River Safari

I was glad to receive an extended invitation from Claressa to visit the River Safari and I accepted it without a second thought. Beside Baby always wanted to visit the the Giant Duo Pandas, so this was the perfect chance to do so!

It was my second visit to River Safari, but I was still feeling excited as during my last trip, the River Safari was still partly under construction, so this trip completed my excursion of the River Safari!

A Crab-eating Macaque was spotted at the River Safari, and it looked so cute! 

There is a 3-metre high aquarium at the majestic Mekong River which is also known as the 'Mother of all Rivers'.

I love the Mekong River attraction, the best, which is among the 7 famous rivers: Mississippi River, Murray River, Ganges River, Yangtze River, Congo River, Mekong River and River Nile.

The rare seen Chinese Alligator is spotted at Yangtze River, Asia's longest river and World's third longest.

We visited the Giant Panda Forest to see the two adorable pandas, Jia Jia and Kai KaI, and the Giant Panda Forest was designed to simulate the panda's natural habitat in the highlands of China and it is kept at a cool, temperature of 18-22C.

These are their daily diet!

Baby and I tried the Panda Red Bean Bun at Mama Panda Kitchen!

I was excited to visit the newest Amazon River, and we went on the boat ride at the Amazon River Quest. We saw many animal species along the way. The boat ride was the clincher for me!

Thanks Claressa and her cell group once again for the lovely invite! Baby and I enjoyed our day out at River Safari very much!