Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shopping and eating at Mega Mall Batam Centre

On Deepavail Day, I asked Claressa to join me on my RKM date for a day's trip to Batam, as I love shopping and having nice and comfort Indonesian food. This time round, she stocked up on her daily necessities like toothpastes, as well as tons of snacks.
As usual, we took BatamFast to Batam Centre, and the whole travelling time was about an hour. After clearing the customs, we made our way by foot to Mega Mall Batam Centre for our brunch.
Our shopping desires were fulfilled after we finished our meal. Baby went over to the men's section which is one level up from the women's section, and he got himself a top at only 45,000 Rupiah (SGD5).

Both Claressa and I picked up some tops, dresses and sweaters/jackets from the mall. We got the same panda hoodie jacket, as both of us fell in love with the panda head hoodie! The jackets were having 50% sales, so we ended up only paying 99,500 Rupiah (SGD 11) each.

Apart from the panda hoodie jacket, I picked up a floral pull-over sweater top at only 129,000 Rupiah (SGD14). I love it very much!

Due to our strong currency lately, the exchange rate is 1 SGD against 9200 Rupiah,. so things are relatively cheaper in Batam as we can maximize our money.

After shopping, we settled at Pempek Kolecta which is also located in the same mall for some food during tea time.

Baby and I shared the Nasi Timbel, and it cost 23,000 Rupiah (SGD2.50).

I love the signature Tekwan (Fish cake in soup served with vermichilli) very much!  It cost 20,000 Rupiah (SGD2-ish). Claressa loves their famous Pempek Campur loads!

 I end my post with some gifts from my colleagues who just came back from their holiday break.


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