Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[product review] Selfie Stick

Thanks BBQ Singapore for inviting me to share my experience/review on the Selfie Stick. This tool is widely used by tourists and selfie lovers as it provides amazing selfie pictures. It is also ultra light and portable to bring anywhere without any hassle.

I received a selfie stick and phone bracket ,which is also known as a phone clamp, and there are 2 adjustable knobs to help us orient the phone for perfect angles.

Everyone knows that mobile cameras are widely used by most people and in fact, it has becoming an indispensable product in the whole world. With the help of the photo bracket/clamp, you can take decent pictures of yourself, all by yourself!
The selfie stick is perfect for people who love taking selfies and it is great when outdoors as you can take photos of yourself or a group of friends with a nice background without approaching strangers for help.
 The phone bracket/clamp fits perfectly well with any smart-phones, and holds the phone firmly.
I love the selfie stick as it helps me to take selfies from cool angles and also for group photos. It is compatible with 99% of phones and camera and it can be extended to 115cm what's also good about this stick is that it only weighs 22g, and is about 22cm long, hence it can be easily stowed away in a bag!

If you feel it is a hassle in taking photos of yourself when no one is around to help you up, then let the selfie stick ease your woes!

Thanks so much to my lovely blogger friends, and I love you guys!!

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