Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[food tasting] SYNC Korean Tapas Bar at Serangoon Gardens

SYNC has launched the first-ever Korean tapas bar in Singapore, and their first outlet, Korean bistro which is located at Westgate, currently sits on the apex of Burrple's Hot 100 in the October list. Riding on this success, SYNC brings an all-new tapas bar concept for food lovers.  

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar is nestled within Maju Avenue in Serangoon Garden estate, and it offers a cozy environment where groups can have a relaxed time chatting and imbibe themselves with Korean culture.

The tapas bar promises to dole out modern Korean foods with a twist, and all the mouth-watering Korean-themed seafood, meat and even beef tapas start from just SGD9.90!  
I attended the Exclusive Halloween Treat / Media Opening Party at SYNC Korean Tapas Bar which is located at Serangoon Gardens with Claressa, Meryl and her BF.   
I had the opportunity to experience the unique gastronomy all thanks to Meryl who invited me to the food tasting party.

I started off my food tasting session with a great overall balanced drink, Soju Mojito (SGD9.90), and it tasted pretty light and sweet. As a whole, it was a refreshing drink! 
The cut-work of the home-made Kimchi (SGD9.90) was extremely neat!

Sogogi Jowl (SGD10.90) is one of the popular dishes in SYNC Korean Tapas Bar and it was served on a wooden board. The chef keep this dish simple as it only featured a slice of char-grilled Angus Beef Jowl on a sesame leaf and garlic confit. 
A perfect snack to go along with beers, as well as being good for large groups of people to get together at the table and enjoying their drinks is the crispy Crackling (SGD9.90) during their gathering. The Crackling bits are yummy yet very addictive. Warning: Once you start, you can't stop!

Mandu (SGD9.90) is a perfect bite-snack for mushroom lovers, and they are very popular among young children as the shapes of each Mandu looked like Chinese ingots/money bags.  
Samgyupsal (SGD10.90) is a salad dish which consists of Char-grilled Pork Belly with Scallion Salad and Spicy Yuzu Dressing. It was served in a wooden bowl with an overdose of greenies and a only a few slices of pork belly meat. In short, the meat was masked by the greenies.

Dak-Kangjung (SGD9.90) was the clincher of the night, and I had two servings. It tasted flavorful and the meat is tender and juicy. The sauce is superb and that really change the whole taste of the crispy fried chicken chunks. I love Dak-Kangjung the best! 

Another favorite of mine of the night was Ssam (SGD40.90), and I had a few servings.  The pork ribs were tender and well marinated, and they were meant to be wrapped up in either the lettuces or buns.

Dak Gar-Bi aka Chicken Paella (SGD38.90) is served with generous offerings of chicken, onions, cabbage, sausage and kimchi, and it was served straight from the pan. The dish was perfectly cooked, and it is an ideal dish for friends and family to tuck in together. 
We ended off my tasting session with some traditional Korean desserts, Hotteok (SGD8.90) and Misugaru Lava Cake (SGD8.90).
The Hotteok is SNYC's very own twist, where banana fosters are served with chewy Korean pancake and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. 
The Misugaru Lava Cake is worth mentioning as it is a traditional Korean grains powder which made up of 7 different types of grains. The lava cake was served with a scoop ice-cream.

I washed down all my intake of food with SYNC's signature cocktail, Soju Peach Shot (SGD7.90).  
Thanks so much for inviting us to the Korean-styled Halloween, and we enjoyed the food tasting session although there were some hits and misses, but it is a great gathering place for friends and family as a whole. I had a great evening chilling with my 2 favorite friends, and thanks for being there for me always!

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