Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yoga Beat at Orchard Road

Yoga Beat at Orchard Road was organised by Lululemon Athletica and it is the largest hip hop yoga block party in Singapore. It included performances by local percussionists, Bloco Singapura and music sets by lululemon ambassadors, May Ooi and Alicia Pan.
Lululemon Athletica is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company and their mission is to build healthy communities and Yoga Beat at Orchard Road is just the start of many more fun and exciting activities in the lead up to the opening of their very first store in Asia.

I attended the Yoga Beat at Orchard Road with my Yogi friends and we experienced doing yoga on Orchard Road, under the Christmas lights with famous local and overseas yoga instructors, and enjoyed the hip hop beats from our talented local musicians.

What a blast and thrilling sight of a massive group of yoga enthusiasts at the Yoga Beat!

The yoga session was more intense as compared to the sunset yoga which was conducted at SOULSCAPE. The movements are not really meant for beginners as I had a hard time catching up with the movements. I think it was an advance level yoga practice! The continuous intensive yoga movements left me feeling exhausted and I sweat a lot during this 30min yoga session. I think I shed much of my fats away LOL!

Lululemon Singapore ambassadors, Lynn Yeo and Sumei Shum of space+light yoga, AntiGravity yoga instructor trainer Thicha and Seattle based yoga teacher, Patrick Beach of Beachyoga were there too for the yoga event.

This event is an opportunity for Singaporeans to experience yoga in a deeper, more meaningful way and have fun with their friends.

Thanks so much for the invite as it was a great experience to do outdoor night yoga and on the road of our renowned Orchard Road.

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