Saturday, November 1, 2014

Preview screening of Kungfu Jungle

I had the pleasure to watch the preview screening of Kungfu Jungle all thanks to Clover Films and the premiere date was on the 30th October 2014.

Martial arts instructor, Hahou Mo (starring Donnie Yen) works for the Hong Kong Police Academy, but he was put in prison as he Killed a man by accident. When a vicious killer, Fung Yu-sae (played by Wang Baoqiang) goes around Hong Kong killing top martial arts exponents and leaving behind metallic symbols called 'Eaves Swallow'. Hahou offers to help the police to catch the killer in return for his freedom.
With Hahou's help, the police realize that the order of the victims that the serial killer is targeting are all the top masters in their respectively martial arts style and martial code of training.

After Hahou is released from the prison, he vanishes after a close encounter with Fung, and therefore the police suspect that he may be in league with the killer. Hahou goes back home in Fo Shan to learn more about the 'Eaves Shallow' and also to ensure his love, Sinn Ying (starring Michelle Bai) is safe and sound. Through this trip back home, he discovers more about the true identity of the serial killer and his motive of killing.

The final showdown is beautifully staged, as Fung forces Hahou to enter a life or death duel. It is the perfect climax to the film that celebrates the best in martial arts.  I love the pole-fighting scene, as it features a series of stylish martial arts.  
Kungfu Jungle is directed by award-winning filmmaker, Teddy Chan, and this movie contains many brutal fight scenes. I really love the film's closing credits as they pay tributes to martial arts exponents.  Martial arts movies have been overtaken by gun-heavy cop films in Hong Kong / China but this movie features the best of martial arts performance.

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