Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Tokyo Trip] Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Cafe + Go!Go! Curry

During my recent trip to Japan, I continued to look for unique and interesting cafes/eatery places in Tokyo. This time round, we went to our most looked forward to themed cafe, Final Fantasy XIV which is located at Akihabara.

For gamers who love Final Fantasy games, they will be delighted with the newly opened cafe that is sporting a Final Fantasy XIV theme and the interior of the eatery place is stunningly beautiful.

Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Cafe is located at the second level of Pasela Resorts in Akihabara.

The theme cafe is named after Eorzea, a region where Final Fantasy XIV's universe takes place. Inside the cafe, you can find replica weapons, armors and cute Moggles. There are some PCs set up for diners to have a hands-on in playing the game.

I love the Moggle sculptures as they are amazingly done!

I had the Black Mage Potion Drink to start off my dining experience...

I love the unique Eorzean-inspired menu that they offer to their patrons.

Although the Omurice tasted normal but the atmosphere made up for it.

I enjoyed the Moggle Honey Toast, as it tasted as nice as it looked...

I will be coming back again to try out the Bomb Croquette and other Primal -themed dishes at the Eorzea Cafe.

I rounded up my post with my first day in Tokyo as we touched down Tokyo at 2-ish in the afternoon, and upon reaching Narita Airport, we purchased our NEX TOKYO Direct Train tickets from the ticketing booth which cost us 1500Yen per trip each and the Narita Express took us about 2-hrs to reach Shinjuku from Narita Airport.

Apart from buying our train ticket from the airport, we also topped up our Suica Cards which we purchased during our last trip in April this year. The cards allow us to travel around Tokyo and Yokohama via all the local train services as well as the Japan Rail (JR).

By the time, we checked in at the Hotel Sunroute Plaza which is located at Shinjuku, it was almost 5-ish in the evening and the sky turned dark by then. The night falls pretty early during Autumn and Winter season.

We are members of Sunroute Club and we get a 10% off the room rates and late check-out.

After putting our luggage in the hotel room, we walked to Go!Go! Curry which is also located in the Shinjuku district.

I was surprised by the curry texture in Go!Go! Curry, as it is thicker and almost black in color as compared to the normal Japanese curry. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our dinner very much!

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