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Dinner for Schmucks Preview Screening

My RSVP for the preview screening was confirmed by! Woohoo(^^) Thanks! Baby & I went for the preview screening of "Dinner for Schmucks" - The American remake of the French film : Le Diner de Cons. Reviews on the internet has generally been mixed, so I went into the movie without any high expectations
--- Posters of Dinner for Schmucks ---
To my surprise, the film is quite entertaining. I won't say it's a classic but at least I had a few laughs. A lot of funny scenes, I almost laughed throughout the whole show... I think the duo (Steve Carell & Paul Rudd) have great chemistry between them... Overall, this 'Dinner' was a satisfactory meal for me...
"On a side note, there was a crazy woman in the show that really made me feel like barfing everytime she was on screen. I won't give any spoilers but prepare to feel a bit irked when she's on screen. Of course, kudos to her because h…

Simply Red ; Simply the best!

Some samplets of Simply Red Farewell - The Final Tour... Have a pleasant viewing... Enjoy Folks!


Baby & I attended Simply Red Farewell - The Final Tour Concert @ Singapore Indoor Stadium... This British band is Baby's fave... Hope Baby will enjoy the concert as this is my pressie for him... *Happy Birthday Baby Hubby* Can't wait to hear Mick Hucknail's unique and distinctive voice... Simply Red is our all-time fave band ♥ The lead singer - Mick Hucknail is born in 1960... OMG! He is 50 years old now. He aged gracefully and still recognisable for his fiery red curly hair.. Hahaha! Simply Red was formed in 1974... This group is still going strong till to date... Such a pity that they are retiring from the showbiz after 36 years... I still heart them! They sang additional 2 songs after the encore from the audience... Was indeed a sing-along and wildest night for all the audience (included Baby & myself). A sweet nostalgia nite for me! For those who missed this FINAL TOUR CONCERT by SIMPLY RED... You can still get the 'LIVE' audio recording of the whole co…

COZYCOT 1st Bloggers' event

I am over the moon to be selected to COZYCOT 1st Blogger event - TALIKA… Thanks ya! The venue was at SPA-LON @ Chijmes… Love peaceful ambience and unique structure of the building.

TALIKA is a Paris based brand. TALIKA had formulated a wide range of products ranging from skin, body, eye to nail care too… All natural ingredients are used in the products.

The slide-show presentation showed the background about the brand and the products.
TALIKA – The expert in eyelash care since 1948… Launching the LIPOCILS EXPERT, The first complete care for eyelash with 3 complementary action:


CLINICAL PROVEN – Lashes are natural longer, curled and darker

NEW breakthrough in eyelash care – Promote growth that allows the eyelashes to grow longer, darker and more curl in 28 days.

Ms. Lena explained on how to apply the product – LIPOCILS EXPERT for better and effective results. The presentation was crystal clear… According to her, after application of 28 days… Eyelashes are longer by …

Shed the fats in us…

Safe delivery from Lush Group via courier….

Thanks for this lovely card... I love it to the MAX!
Everybody’s major fear – Being FAT… Especially the women (myself included)
I understand that fats are formed in the tummy, thigh & hand due to lack of exercise… What really ponders me is that how the fats get into the chin area… As everyone knows double chins and neck fats are very hard to get rid of…
I was over the moon when I was given these two new products to try…



This two products are meant to reduce fats… The only difference is these two products target the different parts of the body…

LUS EXTRA V-LINE LIFT UP (HOT) - Bid good-bye to double chins! No need to go for surgery! Get rid the unwanted fats on your face and chin easily! Achieve a firmer and v-line face shape. Convenient, effective & practical unique slimming face mask for your chin!

· Instant …


Can't wait to watch SIMPLY RED FAREWELL - The Final Tour tomorrow @ Singapore Indoor Stadium (^^)

My plan for Halloween 2010

Walking along Orchard area with my Baby... We saw some 'Ghosts & Demons' parading outside Ngee Ann City, they were heading towards ION... This parade was to create awareness for the public for their up-coming october event - Halloween Horrors 2010 @ Night Safari.... ------------------------------------------- Took some quick snaps while they were walking... The white-dressed ghost kinda of scary with the tongue sticking out... (Baby spotted him first, cos I was glued by the female ghost in Gold Cheong Sam with the vintage umbrella... Her make-up was heavy with red-blooded shots eyes...
Opps! This Vampire (Jiang Shi) stopped & looked @ me while I was snapping happily...
Took this pix of 'Ms Demon' from far... Unfortunately she spotted me and walked towards my direction, she wanted to HUG me... OMG! She looked so fugly, I really can't put myself to hug her... So I rejected her and said bye to her instead... Haha!
The tormented souls are roaming back to the forest…


Woohoo!I have small gifts from Joanne again... A set of shower gel & body milk from THANN... Love em... Thanks Babe!

GO! Music Party - The future is NOW

Due to Formula 1... A lot of roads closure + road diversions... Getting around that area has became an extreme hassle thing for many of us... Traffic jam everywhere. Arrgh! Because of this... Took us almost an hour to get to Marina Bay Sands from Suntec City... Luckily Ms Jasmine Chung was kind enough to hold on to the tickets for us till 8 plus... F.I.N.A.L.L.Y, WE REACHED!...OMG! The whole convention hall premise was dang crowded... The respond was good :) Love this poster! Hope I can bring it home *Wishful Thinking* Upon reaching, I collected my tickets from the Bazaar booth :)

While Baby went to the gents... Joanne & I cam-whoring... Haha! Best way to kill time...

Since the party starts after 9pm.. Trio of us grabbed our quick dinner @ the basement of the Marina Bay Sands... Joanne & I just sat back and relaxed while Baby did all the thingy.. Haha!!! Baby & Joanne has Roasted Chicken Rice while I had Wanton Mee... Pretty pricey but taste good @_^. Compensate each other, so …