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[private launch] Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa

I was introduced to 'Bulgarian Rose Karlovo' after I wrote a product review on theirSignature Natural Water. The review was in June 2015, and ever since, I have been using their products.
I was glad to be invited to attend the private launch of the Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Series which was held at the HDB Hub.
The series of Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa includes products for the face, eye contours, body and lastly hair. It is suitable for all skin types.
Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa is a complex system of care to maintain a healthy youthful appearance of the skin and to also to prevent premature skin aging.

TONIC FOR FACE is a refreshing tonic enriched with an extract of caviar and seaweed, natural rose oil/rose water, vitamin E and jojoba oil. This provides hydration, comfort to the skin.
CLEANSING GEL FOR FACE is an everyday product to cleanse face from impurities and keep moisture at a balance level.
INTENSIVELY HYDRATING CREAM helps to protect the skin from harmful free radi…

[CELEBRATION] SPRG - 10th Year Anniversary

Stepping in the first month of 2016 with a high note as I am a January Baby. I am even happier to learn that Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) is celebrating their 10th Year Anniversary in January too, and they held the celebration at CATO which is located at South Bridge Road.
The theme of the party was Old Shanghai Charm, and many guests as well as the folks from SPRG dressed up for the theme, even my 2 buddies, Meryl and Jasmine wore Cheong Sam too.
I put on a not-so-look-like oriental dress from Desigual to the party, mainly because of the dragon imprint diagram on the dress that make it looks ish-oriental.

We enjoyed the canapés all night long, kudos to the chef who spent his entire night preparing food/canapés for us. Thanks for your hard work rendered to each and everyone at the party, and I love the food very much.

I took many photos from the photo-booth and we loved doing it. It was nice to pose with my friends and the folks from SPRG.
It has been great knowing you, Sam Ng …

[Lifetime] Man vs. Child Chef Showdown

A+E Networks' Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514) is presenting a new cooking show competition featuring pint-sized prodigies taking on culinary veterans. After the successful U.S debut, Man vs. Child Chef Showdown will premiere in Asia on Tuesday, 26 January at 7pm. The show pits some of America's most talented young chefs against professional-trained adult chefs they look upon to.

The 13-episode part series follows a team of 5 up and coming child cooking wunderkinds - Estie (8), Dylan (11), Emmalee (12), Cloyce (13), Holden (14), who face off against a different executive-level chef each week for bragging rights.

On the series premiere, the first episode was titled 'Don't Under-ESTIE-mate Her', and Estie was introduced as the youngest chef on the show. She whipped up a dish - Korean Fried Chicken with Kimchi Mayonnaise and a gochujang gastrique.

Estie Fung who is 8 years old and she is also a half Chinese, has been cooking since she was 3 years old and is visiting As…

Singapore Motorshow 2016

After their successful launch last year, the Singapore Motorshow has returned this year with more than 20 new launches as well as a list of showcase of stunt driving shows, competitions and entertainment. It was held over a 4-day (14-17 Jan) event at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

I was glad that I attended the event as I got to see some awesome cars such as the SUBARU VIZIV 2 and the AUDI R8.

The new AUDI R8, made its first appearance in Southeast Asia. Drivers can operate all-important functions with the multifunction and satellite push-buttons without having to take their hands off the steering wheel or to look away from the road.
The All-New Lexus GS F is the latest and boldest expression of the Lexus's F philosophy. It is notable for its exhilarating power, outstanding smoothness, excellent response and steadfast reliability.

Throughout the 4-day event, Shell educated visitors on the latest innovation in motor oil, Shell Helix PurePlus and Shell's V-Pow…