Friday, January 8, 2016

Preview Screening of the Ghost Ship, 猛鬼船.

A few days ago, I was invited by Clover Films to attend the preview screening of the 'Ghost Ship', 猛鬼船. It is a Thai movie under the genre of horror, and  the story is about a group of ship crew who discover that the ship they are on-board is haunted! The premiere date was on the 7th January 2016.

The first half of the show kept me in suspense as I did not know why and the crew were being haunted! The frights come in many unexpected ways and the movie does a good job to keep us feeling nervous. As the movie progressed, there were many good twists in the show, as expected from Thai Movies. However, I personally felt that the level of horror slowly went down hill towards the end.

The role of the 3 crew members which were played by Timethai Plangslip (Solui), Pongsatorn Sripinta (Yola) and Bhuvadol Vejvongsa (Kala) and were splendid. Among all, Yola left a deep impression in me as he is the funniest among the trio of them.
The idea/plot of a group of people trapped on a haunted ship sounded pretty promising but the film seemed to have difficulty balancing the horror, as there were comedy and humorous scenes throughout the movie as well. This resulted in a mash-up of a horror + comedy film! Nevertheless, it is still a good light-hearted movie to watch with good friends and have good laugh and scare together. I especially loved the bloopers and extra scenes throughout the ending credits.

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