Saturday, January 16, 2016

[personal] New Year's dinner at Kong Inn Seafood Restaurant + Sumire Yakitori House

It has been a long time since my last visit Sumire Yakitori House, as they ceased operation at the joint I used to go at Icon Village, Tanjong Pager.

I visited the other outlet which is located at Bugis Junction, and as usual, we started off with a bowl of complimentary dressed-seasoned cabbage! It was a great appetiser to start my meal.

I love the Tomato Bacon very much, and Baby ordered Tsukune Tare as it tasted really good.

Both of us ordered a dinner set for our main courses. Baby had the Unagi and Egg Set while I had Noodles Ramen with Yakitori Set.

We had a delightful dinner and the damage was SGD60+.

Baby and I drove in JB to meet Uncle Mike and Shelley for a New Year's Meal. We went to Kong Inn Seafood Restaurant for our dinner together with our Malaysian friends.

To welcome the New Year, it is important to catch up with family and friends for a sumptuous dinner/feast. Perhaps I'm more accustomed to the Chinese New Year tradition, but it is standard protocol for me to have a good meal for 'Ang Mor' New Year as well!

I had an awesome dinner, and among all the dishes, I loved the suckling pig and steamed fish the best! Nothing beats having good food with awesome companions.


I picked up a stardust HP cover and a One Piece - Chopper pin-up badge from JB before heading back to SG.

I end my post with some recent loot! I got a pair of jelly shoes at a steal price of SGD10 at TPY Central, and a Bag Charm featuring the egg mascot Gudetama!

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