Thursday, January 28, 2016

[CELEBRATION] SPRG - 10th Year Anniversary

Stepping in the first month of 2016 with a high note as I am a January Baby. I am even happier to learn that Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) is celebrating their 10th Year Anniversary in January too, and they held the celebration at CATO which is located at South Bridge Road.
The theme of the party was Old Shanghai Charm, and many guests as well as the folks from SPRG dressed up for the theme, even my 2 buddies, Meryl and Jasmine wore Cheong Sam too.

I put on a not-so-look-like oriental dress from Desigual to the party, mainly because of the dragon imprint diagram on the dress that make it looks ish-oriental.

We enjoyed the canapés all night long, kudos to the chef who spent his entire night preparing food/canapés for us. Thanks for your hard work rendered to each and everyone at the party, and I love the food very much.

I took many photos from the photo-booth and we loved doing it. It was nice to pose with my friends and the folks from SPRG.

It has been great knowing you, Sam Ng during the Sarang Food Tasting. Thinking way back again in 2013, we really hit very well though that was our very first meet-up. Now she is my good friend, and that was fate that brought us together.
A big thanks to the SPRG folks, Samantha, Abby, Lix, Yuki, as well as the ex-intern, Faye, and not to forget some of the friends that I know whom have left SPRG, and they are Fiona, Ivan and Robin. I appreciate our friendship very much!

Happy 10th Anniversary, SPRG! Thanks for the invites to many exciting events, and I look forward to more collaboration opportunities!

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