Saturday, January 30, 2016

[private launch] Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa

I was introduced to 'Bulgarian Rose Karlovo' after I wrote a product review on their Signature Natural Water. The review was in June 2015, and ever since, I have been using their products.

I was glad to be invited to attend the private launch of the Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Series which was held at the HDB Hub.

The series of Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa includes products for the face, eye contours, body and lastly hair. It is suitable for all skin types.

Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa is a complex system of care to maintain a healthy youthful appearance of the skin and to also to prevent premature skin aging.

TONIC FOR FACE is a refreshing tonic enriched with an extract of caviar and seaweed, natural rose oil/rose water, vitamin E and jojoba oil. This provides hydration, comfort to the skin.

CLEANSING GEL FOR FACE is an everyday product to cleanse face from impurities and keep moisture at a balance level.

INTENSIVELY HYDRATING CREAM helps to protect the skin from harmful free radicals.

REGENERATING CREAM is designed to nourish and moisture the skin and helps to stimulate the process of cell regeneration.

GENTLE EYE CONTOUR CREAM is a fine cream with the added ingredient, Q10 which is used to moisture the eye areas and to prevent premature aging.

We went back with 2 products from Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa, Thanks Bulgarian Rose Karlovo!

I love the TONIC FOR FACE very much, as it is lightweight and absorbed very well by the skin. The texture of the INTENSIVELY HYDRATING CREAM is velvety soft, and my face felt supply after application. it helps to hydrate my skin and increase the protection from sun rays. 

I end my post with my winning prize, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo - Rose Parfum during the Q&A session.

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