Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas getaway to KL

I went for short getaway to KL to conclude my 2015's travelogue. I left for KL on Christmas Day, and my flight was in the late afternoon.

The moment we landed in KLIA2, it was time for dinner. As usual, Uncle Mike picked up us from the airport, and we went to my favorite restaurant, Iberico Kitchen which is located in Oasis Square. YES! I had Black Pig Spare Ribs that were especially glazed with honey for Christmas dinner!! The ribs were tender and flavorful. All I can say is, the ribs are to die for... Iberico Kitchen is definitely a gem for all pork lovers and do not give it a miss if you are in KL.
On Boxing Day, I had brunch at La Bodega which is located at Empire Shopping Gallery. They are famous for their breakfast/brunch set.

The price was not very cheap, as after conversion, the price was kinda on par to what we pay for in Singapore! On well, the quality made up for it.

I ordered Pancakes with Butter/Maple + Hot Tea, while Baby had English Breakfast Set which comes with scrambled eggs, chicken sausages and sautéed mushroom + hot tea and fresh juice.

Thanks Uncle Mike and Shelley for the hearty brunch and we had a marvellous time at La Bodega.
 I did my shopping in Sunway Pyramid, as they were having Boxing Day sales/deals. I picked up some garments and shoes at discounted prices! Apart from that, I also picked up some accessories which were priced at RM8 from Lovisa and a hair clip from Yubiso at only RM5.   
These two clutches cost me less than RM65. What a steal!
In KL, I got myself two 2016 schedule books which featured popular Sanrio characters, My Melody and Little Twin Stars. With these books, I will be able to plan my schedule better as I always believe that being organised and planning well is an initial step to success in the goals you set in life. I always look forward to the first month of each year, as I am a January month Baby!
This year, my birthday week was planned in December, 2015. I am all ready for the celebration.
I made some resolutions for 2016, and I hope my wishes will come true. I believe that 2016 will still be a good year for me and everyone out there too!
2015 has been a fruitful year for me especially on travels and adventures. I went to up KL every 3 months, be it a road trip or taking a flight up! I also enjoyed my short trips to Saigon (HCM), Perth, Bangkok, Penang. I spent 2-week in NYC and a week in Tokyo for holidays. I love being a jet-setter but this means that I must work extra harder to save up more money to fulfil more trips this year (2016).
Before I move on, to share more food gem in KL, I want to share with you some cute stuff which is now currently available in Malaysia! I got this cute pair of Charmmy Kitty non-lens glasses with every purchase of a McDonald's Happy Meal.
 Uncle Mike brought us to Oriental Cravings, and I am glad that Jeanne joined us at the dinner. It is located at the new wing of 1-Ultama, and it serves everything about pork.
We ordered quite of numbers of dishes but only a few caught my attentions...

The portion of Roasted Pork Curry Laksa was big and it tasted nice.

The Loh Swee Fun with Egg which was served in a claypot tasted wonderful. I love the balance of the flavors between the meat and the noodles.

I love the Golden Beancurd very much as it tasted awesome. Though the tofu was crispy on the outside but was smooth and soft on the inside!

We had Lap Mei Fan (waxed meat and Chinese sausages with fried rice) that tasted normal, but it doesn't justify the amount we paid!

Thanks Uncle Mike for lovely dinner!

  As our flight back to Singapore was around 10-ish at night, we had plenty of time on the last day. We went to Dragon-I for a light lunch.

We ordered Xiao Long Bao, and I was surprised by the standard of the food quality. Thumbs up! 
We rounded up our meal with Fried Carrot Cake, Lotus Seed Dessert Pancake, a bowl of Double Boiled Soup. The damage was pretty decent too!

Before heading to the airport, I ate some Tandoori Chicken and Naan (Indian flatbread) for dinner.

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