Monday, January 11, 2016

F&N Magnolia - Start Fresh Finish Fresh

It is not late to start fresh this New Year with MAGNOLIA, as we only on our second week of January 2016.
Milk provides us with the highest nutritional value when it is consumed fresh, and it is very important to cultivate the habits of drinking milk fresh early. Equally important is to understand the different ways of handling and storing milk safely, in order to fully capture the pure goodness of this delicious, creamy beverage.
There are some tips to keep the milk fresh, therefore it is recommend that milk or dairy products be picked up last before checkout at the payment registry. Upon reaching home, the milk should be refrigerated right away and stored at a temperature of about 2 to 4 Degree Celsius.  
Purchasing milk in 2-litre packs maybe economical but it poses a big challenge for a small Singaporean household to finish the milk within the 3 days 'fresh' period after initial consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase 2 packs of 1-litre of milk which will make it easier to complete consumption within 3 days. Do remember to purchase milk in quantities that mirror the household's consumption level, and finish a pack of fresh milk within 3 days of after opening.

Consumers often refer to the 'use-by' date to determine the safe period for consumption, but this date indicates how long an unopened carton of milk retains its freshness and quality. Once opens, this date is no longer valid, as milk is exposed to bacteria, and it will lose its quality and freshness rapidly.
With F&N commitment to pure enjoyment and pure goodness, MAGNOLIA goes beyond educating its consumers on nutrition and the importance of handling of milk safely by kick-starting their 'Drink Milk Fresh Campaign'! To encourage consumers to start drinking milk fresh milk, MAGNOLIA will reward consumers with a Limited Edition MAGNOLIA Collectible Glasses.

From 01 of January 2916, every purchase 2 packs of 1-litre MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk will allow consumers to collect one of these 4 stylish glasses at participating supermarkets and outlets. While stocks last!

'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Road-shows
As part of MAGNOLIA's continued effort to bring fresh milk to all consumers for free, simply bring any empty 2-litres milk bottle (with milk label still intact) to the road-shows in exchange for a free 1-litre MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk. Apart from the exchange, the road-show is filled with fun activities and quizzes to kick start the habit of drinking milk at its freshest. 
Collect the Limited Edition 'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Glass with every purchase of 2 packs of 1-litres MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk. This exclusive glass design is only available at the road-show.
'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Roving Milk Truck
Look out for the MAGNOLIA Roving Milk Truck and bring any empty 2-litres milk bottle (with milk label still intact) to redeem a free 1-litre MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk.
MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk retails at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets. Visit for more details on the full range of wholesome dairy products.

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