Monday, July 30, 2012

CQ Ladies Night Out at Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre Café & Bar is the venue for Clarke Quay Ladies Night Out. Cuba Libre, (rum and cola with a slice of lime), was first invented in 1900 in Havana, Cuba. It is said to have been drunk to toast Cuban freedom from the Spanish occupation. The spirit of Cuba lit up the mood at Cuba Libre Café & Bar.

Attended the party event at Clarke Quay with Linda and Terence... I simply love 'ladies night' as we, ladies will get to enjoy tons of privileges and priorities throughout the whole night.

We took a picture with ladies cabaret at the entrance...

We were served with a free flow of cocktails by Cointreau and yummy canapés was rendered to us all night long...

I was definitely enjoying my night with Linda and Terence, and we met up Deenise at the party too.

I was thrilled to see that there was a free express manicure session at the premises, but the long queue made me back out, therefore we gave it a miss.

Free hair-styling for the ladies in the house... No girls are going to resist the temptation of looking beautiful. Linda and I headed down to the booth to get our hairdo done...

The hair session was brought to us by Glitz HairWorkz and the hair products used were mainly from KMS California.

The hair-stylist used the FreeShape Quick Blow Dry before she started to iron my hair, and SilkSheen Polishing Serum was applied onto my hair after hairdo was done.

FREESHAPE Quick Blow Dry - Light Conditioning

 SILKSHEEN Polishing Serum - Silky shine and Fizz control

My hair-stylist of that day was Kristin.

We truly enjoyed our night at Cuba Libre... Thanks ELLE for the inviting us as well as for the wonderful goodies bag!! Remember, I got my desired pink cocktail shaker with the miniature bottle of Cointreau from the last CQ Ladies Night Out @ Aqua Nova. OM! I received another set again, as it was part of the goodies bag as well.

Inside the goodies bag, you could find SGD20 voucher of escentials (with no minimum purchase) and a packet of sachet of EVELOM Cleanser and a woven cloth is enclosed with the sample.

A rose for all ladies who attended the CQ Ladies Night Out...

On closer look, it was a gift by Triumph Maximizer. Did you notice that there is a inner garment in the centre of the rose petal?

A deluxe trial hair-care kit (shampoo and conditioner) by KMS California, I received the SILKSHEEN range – instant shine for a natural, polished and effortless style.

Can't wait to try them out...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gala Premiere of BRAVE

There was a series of BRAVE-GAMES available at the Atrium at The Cathay...

Both Sweetie and I were there, we took some pictures of the activities available for us to try out, such as archery and etc...

The crew were all dressed up like the main character, Merida. I took a photo of the crew, he was wearing the wig (distinctive orange red curly hair) and the Scottish skirt. 

There was an array of banner posters of BRAVE... I took a picture of each and every one of them...

Pictures of us together before heading up to the cinema...

Thanks Sweetie for extending her invite to me to watch the Gala Premiere of 'BRAVE’...

I enjoyed the preceding film, La Luna very much. It is a short but beautiful and creative film.


--- Posters of BRAVE ---

'BRAVE' is 3D computer-animated fantasy adventure film from Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures and this is also the first movie utilizing the Dolby Atmos sound format

Pixar Animation Studios made a new breakthrough as 'BRAVE' is totally different from previous Pixar films. 'BRAVE' marks a new chapter for Pixar Animation Studios. It is definitely a remarkable step into a whole new style of film and this show that the Pixar team will strive to produce even more masterpieces in the near future.

In ancient Scotland, King Fergus (voiced by Billy Connolly) gave his daughter, Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) her first bow. She later becomes a master archer who dislikes being a princess as her whole life is fully planned and she wants her freedom in life when making choices. As per the old traditions enforced by her mother, Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson), she has to decide to marry one of the oldest sons of the 3 allied clans. She decides to go against the old custom of royal history, and she is attempts to change her fate. Merida received a magical spell from a reclusive forest witch (voiced by Julie Walters) that will change her mother’s mind. The spell backfires and changes her mother into a bear instead and unleashes a terrible ancient curse. She needs to reverse the curse before it is too late.

I am always a great fan of Pixar films, and I enjoyed the movie very much and Merida’s triplet brothers are worth mentioning too. They bring us plenty of humor throughout the whole show.

Merida is very different from the other Disney princesses as she is full of courage when facing difficulties. She resembles to Mulan, a legendary figure from ancient China as both of them were warriors in the movie... I am in awe by the Scottish young woman’s personality and I enjoyed the movie very much in spite of there not being any love plot nor handsome prince. I simply just can’t take my eye off Merida’s fiery color hair. 


The movie sends out a message about the importance of parent-child relationship, and I like the rich history of mythical and the cool line from the movie trailer, ‘If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?’ Maybe, one day you and I will find it useful. The premiere date is on the 8 August 2012. 

 *** Pixs courtesy by google search ***

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Customized your Badges @ Super Store Singapore

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Alpha button pin badges, I formed my name - JESSIE BABY

I received my first package from Super Store Singapore... Devoted to Singapore ( I LOVE SG) as National Day is around the corner, show some love for our country...

One thing that is important in life: ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL

 Colorful alpha button pin badges, can you unscramble them?

YAY!! Yes, the answer is JESSIE

I pinned it up on my weekend bag...

My personal badge with my name printed on...

Here is my QR code... Do scan it and it will lead you to my space!

Super Store Singapore makes it simple for me to pursue my interests in collecting unique and creative badges.

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