Thursday, July 26, 2012

Always random-ness: Shout Magazine

I picked up a copy of Shout magazine, like I always do, and this copy came along with a Eye Shadow Compact (quad)

BYS is an affordable beauty product from UK

Shimmer Eye Kit from BYS

The palette comes with a eye-shadow brush and the Look At Me Eye Pencil

This issue covered a lot of fashion tips on hottest street wears... There was a 10-page on Real Readers Real Style! Shout team spotted trendy styles worn by the people on the street, the report featured PLAYSUITS, CHECKS, LAYERING, AMERICANA, BAND CHIC, TRIBAL, SKINNY JEANS, FLORAL CHIC, BLAZERS/JACKETS and lastly KHAKI.

OMG!! I love the Jubilee Goodies and they were meant to be given away to all their royal readers... How I wish, I am a British citizen too.

The pop-art soap bars, The Scottish Fine Soap - Soap in a Tin looked interesting to me and now they are being sold at Topshop. Hope I can find them in Singapore soon...

The beauty line-up content was fabulous too... The make-up bag must-haves! are pretty affordable.

Purple Mist is IN-TREND now... Purple/Violet/Indigo/Lilac are colors of the moment!

I love this blush from Rimmel loads!

The mascara from Accessorize looks promising...

The make-up products featured in the magazine are amazing yet affordable.

Ooh!! I am a big fan of Alexandra Burke... I love one of her songs, Bad Boys. She launched her very own lipstick, Lip Boom. It contains a lipstick on one end and the highlighting gloss on the another end. The price of MUA Lip Boom is sooooo attractive. *ENVY and JEALOUS*

Look out folks for the next issue of Shout magazine, as MIRROR MIRROR, Be Magnetic SFX Nail Varnish (include step-by-step guide) comes free with the magzine.

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