Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My re-visit (after bad experience) to Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

It has been a year since I last visited Waraku Japanese Casual Dining which was located at The Heeren. Currently, this mall is undergoing renovation till mid 2013. I am looking forward to it's brand new look and shopping/dining experience.

Baby and I did not have a pleasant experience during our last visit to Waraku Japanese Casual Dining, (read here for my past experience) From what I had written previously, I promised that it would have been my last visit to this restaurant, but however, Baby suggested this eatery place, so we decided to give it a try again. We went to the outlet located at The Central for our random dinner after our work.

We were surprised that there is no queue outside the restaurant, and this sight has been subsided recently. Oh well, I suppose time changes...

We ordered two side dishes along with our main course... Tsukune Kushi. The Chicken balls were perfectly grilled and the meat balls were juicy and tasted good.

Koebi Tempura, it tasted nice but was kinda oily...
I had Miso Ramen, but the soup doesn’t taste as flavorful as compared to other ramen eatery places, but overall it was pretty alright, nothing to crow about.

Baby had Katsu Curry, and he seemed to enjoy it very much.

The damage was SGD49. There are still hits and misses, and for the price I paid, I think can get better Japanese food elsewhere. So maybe, Waraka Japanese Casual Dining will soon be omitted from my food haunt list.

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