Sunday, July 15, 2012

Singapore International Jewellery Show 2012

The Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) returns with its eighth presentation at one of Singapore’s most glamorous centre, the Marina Bay Sands Singapore from July 12 to 15, 2012. The show has become a magnet for the most exquisite range of jewellery and designs from around the world. The Singapore International Jewellery Show brings together leading local and international jewellers, manufacturers and suppliers to showcase a truly spectacular trove of jewellery, gems and accessories.

The 4-day event will showcase more than US$120 million in jewellery including several solitaire rare, natural, coloured gemstones that exceed S$1 million in price per piece.

The show will be opened by Guest of Honour, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of National Development. The VIP guest, Hon. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, is the Minister of Environment from Sri Lanka.

I was pleased to be the first few to see the show highlights before the doors are opened to the public.

Speech by Mr Edward Liu, PBM, Managing Director Conference & Exhibition Management Service Pte Ltd during the offical opening of Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) 2012.

Speech by Mr Ho Nai Chuen, President Singapore Jewellers Association & Chairman Singapore International Jewellers during the offical opening of Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) 2012.

"Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) was first launched in 2005 and we are delighted that the show has been attracting members of the trade as well as tourists from around the region. Quality gemstones and beautifully-designed jewellery and will showcase some of the most exquisite collections from jewellers around the world." 

Speech by Hon. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, Minister of Environment, Sri Lanka during the offical opening of Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) 2012.

"Sri Lanka has made a special place in the international market as a country with a highly developed jewellery industry. We have been able to meet the international quality standards in craftsmanship and the manufacture of jewellery with a high degree of creativity."

Speech by Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of National Development during the offical opening of Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) 2012.

The grand opening ceremony of Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) 2012.

The jewellery fashion show was commenced straight after the opening ceremony...

Showcasing some of the most exquisite range of jewellery and designs over the region.


DeGem's finely crafted ranges appeal to all regions, and are being identified and recognised as quality gemstones. With variety and versatility, DeGem provides customers with pieces that cater to any whim and desire.

The show highlight this year is the largest natural blue sapphire ever showcased here in Singapore. This 99 carat beauty will be showcased by DeGem (Singapore) throughout the 4 days of exhibition.

Certified by the Gem Research Swisslab (GRS), this blue jewel is so astounding that it was issued a Platinum Rarity Award Issue certificate. This sapphire possesses the glorious intense cornflower blue hue, and is certified to have an extremely rare combination of size, brilliant reflection and colour.

JOON for Jade Culture, the collaboration between Jade Culture and Joon was conceived to create a breakthrough in a long tradition of Chinese jade culture by combining heritiage workmanship with modern and innovative designs.

Imperial Dragon in 18K white/ yellow gold shows a very good example of promoting tradition of jade culture with finest workmanship. This is one of the finest and most beautiful jewellery piece that is showcased at SIJS 2012.

Another collaboration between Joon and Jade Culture... The two cranes was enhanced by tradition Chinese jade to make a perfect creation for this unique piece of jewellery.

Guest of Honour, Mr Lee Yi Shyan visited Jade Culture LLP / Joon for Jade Culture...

Continued to admire more unique creations from Joon for Jade Culture

This is the excellent design by Jade Culture. and the craftsmanship is really top notch.

The show will also witness the Singapore launch of Gassan 121, the world’s first diamond to have 121 facets by its inventor Steven Henry Bierman, Director Gassan Diamonds Antwerp.

Gassan Diamonds have perfected the art of creating brilliant cut diamonds.

The ring looked beautiful on my finger, and it brings out the classiness of oneself when wearing it.

The brand new cut has 121 facets, 16 additional facets on the top and 48 extra on the bottom in comparsion to the traditional round brilliant cut. The placement of the additional facets gives optimal light reflection.  

 For the very first time in Singapore, the show is showcasing Choices by DL. A revolutionary method to allow endless variations and customization. Perfect Mix and Match jewellery for any outfit!

Ms Debora Leeser, the creator of Choices by DL from Amsterdam

Choices by DL makes it possible for every fashionable woman to match their jewellery to each outfit. By means of a simple system it is possible to interchange the colour of the gold frame and the stones for a well-coordinated look.

The jewellery is comprised of 3 inter-changeable parts. The base is made out of 18 carat gold, and is available in yellow, white and rose gold. The frames for the stones are supplied in the set too, and they come in yellow, white and rose gold as well.

Latest collection from Choices by DL, Fly me to the moon

6 different colored gem stones complete the set: Amethyst, Green Amethyst, Smoked Quartz, Pink Quartz, Onyx and Rock Crystal, and every season, new gemstones of different colors will be introduced.

Stunning Choices by DL collection bears an unique manner and allows consumers to wear the jewellery in many different ways...

The team from Gassan

Both William and I had a pleasurable experience and time to pamper our stomach as we were treated to a lunch buffet at SIJS 2012

The show is organized by Conference and Exhibitions Management Services (CEMS) and co-organised by Singapore International Jewellery (SIJ). It is co-organized by the Singapore Jewellers Association and the Diamond Exchange of Singapore. The event is supported by IE Singapore, Spring Singapore, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Standard Chartered Bank is the official bank for SIJS 2012.