Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Father's Day Dinner : Cafe de Hong Kong

Pardon me for this extremely out-dated Father's Day Dinner post.

Baby and I always enjoy the food which is served at Cafe de Hong Kong and it is located at Balestier Road. We therefore we decided to bring my folks to have dinner as a form of celebration for Father's Day...

 We ordered the signature dish and the top pick by diners in this restaurant, Roasted Nam Yu Chicken... The meat was juicy, not dry at all. Mommy and I love the crispy skin. This dish comes along with special sauce, which unfortunately my folks didn't really enjoy it. They said it tasted better without dipping the sauce, but however Baby and I feel that the chicken meat tasted better after dipping with the sauce. Oh well, one man's meat is the another man's poison.

Steamed Beancurd with Prawn and Minced Meat is my favorite dish, I am glad to hear that my folks love it too... I can't stop myself eating the roe. My folks love steamed dishes, as they are very health conscious.

All of us felt that the Chai Poh Omelette tasted normal, nothing to shout about.

Dry Sautéed String Beans with Minced Pork tasted delicious and it was pretty addictive too. We enjoyed it loads.

The damage was SGD58-ish. The service has always been impeccable, attentive and polite, and the quality of the food was good too. Ultimately the most important thing is that my folks enjoyed the dinner...

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