Thursday, July 12, 2012

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine at The Orange Lantern

Experience the taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine at The Orange Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant. The restaurant is immsered in a vibrant orange color themed ambiance and the restaurant only uses fresh ingredients for their servings.

Baby and I had our dinner on a random weekday after our work, and as we were kinda craving for 'Pho', Baby suggested we dine at The Orange Lantern, which is located at Harbourfront Centre.

We went for their set meal for 2-pax that consists of 1 appetiser, 2 main courses, and 2 drinks, at a price of SGD39.

Baby had Three Colors, and this dessert drink was refreshing. As for me, I ordered the standard Lime Juice.

Both Baby And I ordered the same main course, Special Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo). The soup was pretty light but flavorful. The beef meat was thinly sliced, and I like the beef meat balls best. Overall, it tasted good.

The beef meat tasted better after dipping it in the sweet sauce which was provided with the main course.

We had the Spring Rolls Platter to share between us, the platter consisted of Rice paper Rolls with Chicken, Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll and Vietnamese Imperial Rolls. The rice paper skin was slightly tough to chew but we still manage to chew it down our throat as the stuffing (seasoned chicken meat) was really delicious. We love the Vietnamese Imperial Rolls loads, which had a nice pastry-outer layer look and the filling tasted awesome, we savored every single bit of it. Spring Rolls Platter tasted excellent as a whole.

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