Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nando's: Cluckers' Gathering at JCube

I went for the inaugural Cluckers’ lunch gathering at Nando’s, JCube. The brand new chic hangout located at the western side of Singapore. To me, JCube, the name of the new mall was pretty unique... I went to google about it. The ‘J’ stands for ‘Jurong’, the mall’s location while ‘Cube’ stand for a six-sided architectural with facade walls designed to resemble an ice cube.

Nando’s was newly opened on the level 3.

It’s time to get-together for a lunch gathering with old pals like William, Terence, Sweetie and HP.

Before we ordered anything from the menu, I ordered my favourite designer refreshing drink, Maderira Red. It is a mix of pomegranate lemonade juice with sprite and it is garnished with a sugar surrounding the tip of the glass... A great fizzy summer drink!!

I had Wild Mushroom Soup with bread to kick off my meal. My all-time-favorite entree in Nando's, I savored the yummy Mushroom & Chicken bits loads.

Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll (Mild Version) - A classic delicacy loved by our friend, William. Dip the bread roll in the rich Peri-Peri gravy and it will perk your appetizer!

Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise - The signature Peri-Peri wedges served with spicy rich creamy dressing - Perinaise. The dip tasted pretty unique and addictive too.

Peri-fect Platters - A great platter to start with... We ordered the Mild version, as all of us feel that Mild is pretty much alright for us as the unique Peri-Peri sauce will give our taste buds a REAL SHOCK!!

After all the delicious appetizers, we played a small game, Thumb Wrestling.

In the end, Terence and I won the game and we went in to our final round of competition. Both of us were given an apron. YES! We were going to grill the chicken meat, and are you guys excited to my version of Nando's flamed-grilled Chicken? All the other cluckers will be the judgers for this round of competition.

We put on our aprons and were lead to the kitchen, after a short brief of cooking demonstration. we were on our own...

Jess Baby in action!!

Peri-Peri Sauce for the Flamed-Grilled chicken meat.

Jess baby’s Hot Version of 2pcs flamed-grilled Chicken... Did my recipe look promising? Oh well, the final decision still lies on the panel of judges, they had waited anxiously to try out our dishes.

After tasting the chicken meat, I was declared as the winner.

YAY!! I won myself a Nando’s Journal and Nando’s vouchers worth of SGD100. Thanks so much for liking my dish and picked me as the winner.

I got to keep the apron after the competition!!

A set of colorful Father's Day coasters from Nando's.

We continued our main course, Sweetie and I shared the Chicken Breast Fillet Burger. Chicken Fillet is tender and juicy and is grilled to perfection and with the Peri-Peri sauce, it tasted unique and delicious. The freshly baked Portuguese Bread Roll is worth a mention too...

We ordered the NEW Nando's Sidelines and I like Peri Peri Sweet Potatoes and Peri-Peri Spinach best.

All of us were yearning for desserts... Nando's has an enticing selection of desserts, and we indulged ourselves with the yummy Caramel Cheesecake, Brownies and lastly double scoops of ice-cream (strawberry and vanilla flavours)


After a hearty meal, it’s time for ice-skating for the Cluckers... YAY!!

Singapore’s first and fully integrated Olympic-size ice skating rink is nestled in JCube, level 3 with a completion of 463-seat gallery and changing rooms, Singapore will be able to host international ice skating and ice hockey events and competitions at the rink in the near future.

We had a great afternoon hanging out with the Cluckers... Thanks for the wonderful plan for this fun-filled meet-up. Truly appreciated!!

 Lastly, we bagged home a mesh bag with an exclusive tee-shirt from Nando’s... Thanks Nando's!!

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