Monday, July 9, 2012

ELLE Fashion Journal Workshop

Thanks Linda for extending her invite to allow me to attend to the ELLE Fashion Journal Workshop with Canon. The venue was held at Fullhouse Cafe, Rendevous Hotel Gallery.

I took this photo when I was at the Rendevous Hotel, and I simply love the high ceiling which looks just like a dome.

After hearing some book-scrapping experts advice on how to creatively put together a page with elements of the latest runway tips and trends, we were on our own to show off our layout skills and create our very own fashion journal from scratch.
I have selected some fashion images and we were allowed to print them out from the Canon Pixma Printers that were available during the workshop for my fashion journal usage. Each attendee was given a basic starter kit which include art papers, decorative materials, embellishment and a working tool - tape glue. Courtesy from Paper Market.

My final art work...

I brought back my art work as keepsake after the workshop.

Thanks ELLE and Canon for the wonderful goodies bag (:

Through this workshop, it sort of inspired me to do more book-scrapping for my last holiday to Disneyland in Paris. 'Actions speaker louder than words'. Lately, I went over to Prologue to get some materials for my book-scrapping job.

See, I got more colorful art papers

Cute colorful buttons

A bag full of embellishment...

A hole puncher with heart-shaped design 

A bottle of White glue

A cute memo pad with nice pages.

I remembered during my May's trip to Kota Kinabalu, I picked up a few sticker booklets, and I can use them to enhance my layout!!

~ Strawberry Shortcake ~

~ Toy Story 3 ~

~ Hello Kitty ~

I am pretty impressed by book-scrapping, as my memories of my Paris trip is coming back just like yesterday. I can't stop thinking about that when I started to look through the pictures taken in Paris, as I need to develop the photos before starting my book-scrapping...

Book-scrapping is fun! It bonds my memories and keep them fresh in my mind...

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