Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hong Peng!!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Hong Peng! Many happy returns and more incentive trips coming your way in the near future and lastly, your blog hit stats will rise high up up to the sky... Hahaha!! 

Terence and I were the first two to reach the venue, and we were preparing some birthday quests for Hong Peng. Not long later, Sweetie and Hong Peng appeared at the restaurant.

As usual, I took a picture with Terence while waiting for the rest to arrive...

Hong Peng, the birthday boy did his usual cam-whoring even on his special day.

William and Yuhao arrived shortly after, the waitress gave us a iPad to make our orders. Fish & Co upgraded their ordering system which allow us an easy reference to check back our orders and we can view our total bill.

During our mist of ordering, Mint and Yong Wei appeared and surprised Hong Peng with a bottle of Champagne as his birthday gift.

We ordered a main course each for ourselves and we went on to have our meal...

We shared the side dishes among us, and I had a hearty dinner at Fish & Co!!

While everybody was about to finish their dinner, it was time for Hong Peng to take on his birthday challenges that we had planned for him. He was asked to pick his favorite number (from 1-10), and he chose no. 7! After he made his choice, he was given a specially created QR code for him to scan using his smart-phone, and it lead him to a website. He was surprised that the code brought him to The link has stated all the tasks, but he only has to complete the task given under his choice, no.7 (Do a shoutout to all the people in the restaurant that it is your Birthday today and get them to sing along the Birthday Melody)

He requested for a microphone and he went on stage and announced to the public that it was his birthday today and he hoped that they can sing along the birthday song for him with all of us...

All of us got him a birthday cake... Aren't we sweet??


Nothing beats having great pals and nice food... Truly eaten, well spent!

After the dinner celebration, we headed down to Alley Bar and continued Hong Peng's birthday celebration (2nd round). It was more like our usual chill-out gathering, we had some beers and shared funny jokes and everything under the sun with one another.

I had a pretty good evening with my friends, and Hong Peng's birthday celebration was pretty joyous too...

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