Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bought and Sold - Photo Exhibition on Human Trafficking

A local volunteer-based organization, EmancipAsia Ltd, has launched a campaign in Singapore to raise awareness of human trafficking.
 Ms Sylvia Lee realised that there is a knowledge gap on human trafficking which is known as modern day slavery in Singapore. Therefore she established EmancipAsia Ltd in March 2012 to work on this issue. The organisation aims to work with the Singapore government’s national plan to fight human trafficking both locally and in the region.

In Singapore, human trafficking takes places in the form of slave labour and sex trafficking. The first thought that go through most Singaporeans includes myself is that, this doesn’t happen in Singapore – human trafficking only occurs in third world countries, but in fact it is taking place in our very own homeland.

To bring this issue to light, various activities have been lined up, including a photography exhibition titled 'Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking' that will run from 13 July 2012 to mid-October 2012. The exhibition will feature works by award-winning photographer Kay Chernush, Founder of ArtWorks for Freedom who has created unconventional visual exhibits that are based on real-life survivor narratives of human trafficking victims. He combines constructed photographic images to tell individual stories of survivors without revealing their identities.

'Bought & Sold' is a powerful photographic art exhibition on human trafficking by award winning photographer Kay Chernush. He is a leading US photographer with more than 25 years experience in commercial and fine art image-making. It is organised by Singapore-based anti-trafficking organisation EmancipAsia, together with ArtWorks for Freedom Singapore, to raise awareness of forced labour and sexual exploitation in Asia Pacific. By drawing on personal experiences from human trafficking victims, He put together a well thought, beautiful ensemble of photographic artwork, each accompanied by impactful messages from those who had lived through the ordeal of human trafficking.

Photography Exhibition

'Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking' by Kay Chernush

Date: 13 July to 6 September 2012

Venue: In front of Mandarin Gallery (Orchard Road)

*Thereafter at various locations in Singapore.


The public can also look forward to learning more about human trafficking through a film forum that is scheduled to run from July to September 2012. From this awareness, it helps people in doing their part to prevent more victims from falling prey and help those who are suffering from this horrific crime against humanity.

Film Forum - Human Trafficking 

Date: 20 July – 15 September 2012

Venue: NTUC Centre, NUS, The Arts House, SCWO, Screening Room.

*Open to members of the public. All screenings are free-of-charge.


Symposium: Call for Action 

Date: 7 September 2012

Venue: National University of Singapore

*Open to members of the public

For more information about EmancipAsia Ltd and further details of the activities listed above, please log on to

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