Thursday, July 5, 2012

Autograph Session of Formula Drift Asia Drifters

Formula Drift Asia pro Championship

Following the first inaugural season which was successful last year, the second Achilles Asian Drift Series returns with a four-leg campaign in 2012. This season’s championship flagged off in Malaysia and headed down to Singapore for two days of the amazing drift action on 30 June and 1 July which will then be followed by Thailand in September and lastly Indonesia which will be hosting the season finale in November. The Formula Drift events have attracted more than 24,000 spectators across its Asian legs last year and this year’s edition will be even more exciting than the previous year.

What is Drifting

Drifting is a dangerous skill done by driving a high-powered motorsport. The skill calls for drivers to control at least a 200 to 600hp car while it slides sideways at high speed through a marked course. It is similar to rally racing, but is done on a closed course and judged on execution and style rather than who finishes the course fastest.

The driver controls engine power, shifts gears and feathers the brake pedal, while at the same time spinning the steering wheel in a precise fashion from left to right linking corners with pinpoint accuracy. The driver is controlling and maneuvering the car to the limits of the tires’ traction.

Top Formula Drift Asia drifters like Daigo Saito, Kenshiro Gushi, Robbie Nishida, Max Orido, Josh Boettcher, Ivan Lim,Tengku Djan Ley, Geoveen Hi and Daynom Templeman graced an autograph session at Shaw Lido in conjunction with the premiere movie of ‘Motorway’, the official movie for Formula Drift Singapore 2012.
After the interacting session with the drivers, tickets holders can drift on for the premiere screening of ‘Motorway’ Read here for my movie review.

I attended the Meet-the-Drivers Session with a group of friends.

The drivers slowly walked over and took their seats at the autograph session meeting point.

I was given 2 posters which I could get the drivers to sign on them just like a little fan yearning to meet her idol. This was a pretty nice way to start interacting with the drivers. The crowd response was good, as all of us started to queue for our turn to meet and greet the drivers.

Ivan Lim from Singapore

Josh Boettcher from Australia

Daigo Saito from Japan (Ranked no.2 worldwide)

 Robbie Nishida from Japan (Ranked no.25 worldwide)

Geoveen Hi from Singapore gave his all fans an adorable soft toy and he signed on the packaging.

Kenshiro Gushi from USA (Ranked no.14 worldwide)

Nice shot featured Kenshiro Gushi and Daigo Saito

YAY!! Look at my 2 posters, and they are covered with signatures by the drifters.
Close-up signatures!!

This signature looks unique.

Among all, I like Kenshiro Gushi’s signature best as it looks pretty interesting and the way he signs his autograph. His signature is like an object flying upwards and it looks like when he is drifting his car up at a high speed through a marked course... Hahaha!!

This is the soft toy that was given to me by Geoveen Hi... He is from our homeland, Singapore.

YAY!! He put his signature too...

Lastly, I got postcards with individual drifter’s signatures, Kenshiro Gushi and Ivan Lim respectively.

This is definitely a rare opportunity for me to get up-close with the famous Formula Drift drivers at the meet and greet session. 

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