Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aromatic Lipton Pyramid Tea

Lipton Pyramid Tea range was created for consumers who are in search of luxurious indulgence which can be savoured every day. Tea lovers can now enjoy the aroma, texture and unique flavors of the fine range of teas in their cosy comfort zone with their family, friends and loved ones.

 Lipton has a brand new premium range of 7 fine tea flavors consisting of black tea and fruit tea

The secret of the aromatic Lipton Pyramid Tea lies in its unique pyramid tea bag which contains whole handpicked tea leaves to deliver natural and pleasurable tea taste. A specially-designed caddy click box packaging was designed to ensure to keep tea fresh for a long time.

The elegant pyramid shaped tea bag liberates the best flavors for a greater aroma and provides an extraordinary taste experience. Tecially for tea enthusiasts, to enjoy a refined tea drink experience with the convenience teabag which delivers the natural antioxidant power of the tea leaves.

Drinking tea has becoming more and more popular in Singapore, and tea has become more than just a drink. Tea lovers find themselves drinking tea as a fine art, mainly for the rapid growth of specialty tea in recent years. The love for tea drives the demand for variety tastes, flavors and brew. Lipton introduced the Lipton Pyramid Tea range, a series of fine teas blended by a group of passionate tea masters.
Blending tea has always been labelled as a form of art. Backed by more than a century of heritage, the Lipton Tea Masters are skilful to blend tea to perfection (flavourful and aromatic).
Asian White Green Tea

Combination of white and green tea, mingled with real rose petals for a lIght flavor. The tea bears a wonderful taste of rose and lychee. Wonderful to go with meat and round off with chocolate dessert.

Soild Assam Tea

An exquisite tea from the Assam region in North-East India with strong and rich tea taste and light malt flavour and is best with milk and sugar. Perfect for morning tea and goes well with cheese and crackers!

Russian Earl Grey Tea

A rich refreshing taste with a fusion of big tea leaves of bluet petals, orange and lemon peels. Perfect to go along with bread, tarts, scones and biscuits.

Mild Ceylon Tea

Enjoy the rich aromatic tea leaves of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) grown on hilly areas, delivering strong and rich flavor in a frame of soft taste. Ideal for casual or leisure drinking and it goes well along with vanilla ice-cream too.

Citrus Tea

A paradise of citrus flavour, every sip gives you a distinct taste of oranges, limes, grapefruits and lemons infused in tea. Great to go along with seafood cooked in Asian Spice.

Blue Fruit Tea

Infusion of raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrant infused in tea leaves is best for relaxation and calmness. Highly recommended to enjoy the tea with for all butter confectionery, and cakes and shortbreads work beautifully as well.

Forest Fruit Tea

Delightful tea offers a delicate touch of Summer with light flavor of cherry, blackberry and raspberry. High versatile fruit tea for lunches with smoked meat, and it is also an ideal companion for afternoon tea with chips, crackers and nuts.

Lipton Pyramid Gold Range

Russian Earl Grey

Mild Ceylon

Solid Assam

Asian White

Lipton Pyramid Fruit Range

Forest Fruit

Blue Fruit

Citrus Fruit

I tried out the Russian Earl Grey from the Lipton Pyramid Gold Range

The moment I opened up the cover of the box, the aroma of the tea leaves lighted up my senses...

Handpicked tea leaves in the pyramid shaped tea bag...

I love Russian Earl Tea, premium taste at an affordable price (:

I also tried out the Blue Fruit Tea from the Lipton Pyramid Fruit Range

The smell of the tea leaves refreshen me... It's so hard to turn away from the fruity smell... 

 The aroma of tea leaves lighten my mood and the tea tasted pretty light and smooth, but more importantly this refreshing tea keep me awake during working hours...

This July, Lipton partners with Cold Storage. Shoppers can purchase any of the 7 variants of Lipton Pyramid Tea at just SGD3.95 (UP: SGD4.40)

The Lipton team will also be at the Cold Storage in the month of July to provide sampling trials to shoppers and offer them an opportunity experience the quality taste of Lipton Pyramid Tea.

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