Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japalang: Beauty Warehouse Sales

I went for the Beauty Warehouse Sales which was held at Japalang office space located at Enterprise One, Kaki Bukit... This is my first time visiting their office, luckily I got my Baby to send me there, thanks ya!!

Revealing my loots during the sales, I didn't buy a lot as my main reason of going to the sales is to get either the eyeliner or the eyelash base from K-Palette and the award winning, all in one natural moisturiser, STEAMCREAM.

I got a bottle of AMPM Skincare express make-up removing water by Naruko Skincare at SGD12.

I got 2 tins of STEAMCREAM at SGD6.50 each... Utilizing steam-infused technology with natural and high quality ingredients which are fused together, we have a cream that allows to hydrate face, body & hand for the ultimate natural moisture injection. Each eco-friendly limited edition tin is beautifully designed...  

This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too. STEAMCREAM is handmade in the UK and Japan with fresh, traceable ingredients. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin straight away.

Tin design: Aqua (Limited Edition)

Tin design: Noel (Limited Edition)

  I picked up the K-Palette 1 Day Keep Base with secret fiber at SGD19

I am happy with my loots....

LUV CARAT is going to discontinue in Singapore, therefore they are selling the products away at a steal price.

I got the Mineral Finish Loose Powder (Light Beige) comes with puff at SGD6.50

The powder texture is fine and light

Freebies: Paper Soap

I fulfilled my shopping desire by getting the STEAMCREAM and K-Palette Eyelash Base during the beauty warehouse sales... The total damage was minimal and I only paid SGD50-ish.

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