Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Premiere Screening of 'Motorway'

I was invited to watch the Premiere Screening of 'Motorway' at Shaw Lido, and this is really something that I have been looking forward to for this whole working week.

~ Posters of 'Motorway' ~

Director Cheang Pou Soi is a master of producing thriller movies, and this is his first attempt on car-racing film. As always, his classic move is to generate a strong emotional heft from the mentor-disciple bond between 2 male leads, Anthony Wong and Shawn Yue.


Rookie cop Chan Cheung (Starring Shawn Yue) belongs to Hong Kong Police’s ‘Invisible Squad’ of undercover pursuit drivers who target illegal activity on the highway. Overconfident of his driving skills, he looks down on risk-averse partner Lo Fung (played by Anthony Wong) who is about to retire. Soon when they discovered a dangerous criminal (played by Li Hai Tao) who manages to flee out from the jail with a notorious getaway driver (Starring Guo Xiao Dong) and their mission is to steal a fist–sized diamond. They find themselves in hot pursuit.

Barbie Hsu plays a nameless surgeon whom we can claim as Chan Cheung's love interest, but however she only appears 3 times in the movie, and this makes me have a lot of questions such as ‘is there really something exist between them’? Michelle Ye stars as Lo Fung’s wife, and her role is pretty dialogue-light.

No doubt the plot was cliché, but ‘Motorway’ kept me entertained throughout the whole show. I simply love crime and action car-racing movies. If you love crime and action car-racing or just want to see many different brands of cars, then this is the movie to catch. The premiere date is on 12 July 2012.

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