Thursday, July 26, 2012

Customized your Badges @ Super Store Singapore

Everybody loves badges!! Now you can order customized button pin badges in just one click..

SAY HI to Super Store Singapore (, an online e-commerce store dedicated to making cool custom badges.

Super Store Singapore specializes in producing premium custom badges with convenience, and their range of services include :-

Bulk customization of badges orders
Personalized badges
Designers showcase (Public may send in their designs)
Specialized name card badges.

Customization of badges in bulk orders for corporate events are available too... Impress your business associates with something different ; creative and unique ideas to promote the company image.

Badge making machine for rent or Out-call Badge making booths are coming your way at a REAL fast pace. Suitable for carnivals/events, birthday parties or even your own personal small events, this added badge-making acticity will sure be a good entertainment segment for your invited guests.

Apart from the commerical usage of badges, they are also meant for individual use. There is so much for us to explore at this wonderful world of badges at

'I made a sentence using Memes! OMG, FML!'... Super Store Singapore is a trendy online website that caters to everybody's needs and interests...

You can create some personalized badges or imprint your favorite cartoon characters, celebrities or even your photos with friends and loved ones...   

FOREVER ALONE no more!! Pin the badges up on your bags, t-shirts, caps or even on canvas wallets... Bring them with you wherever you go, and you will never be alone (:

Badges with inspiration words or love notes for friends, loved ones and yourself as a gift.

Alpha button pin badges, I formed my name - JESSIE BABY

I received my first package from Super Store Singapore... Devoted to Singapore ( I LOVE SG) as National Day is around the corner, show some love for our country...

One thing that is important in life: ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL

 Colorful alpha button pin badges, can you unscramble them?

YAY!! Yes, the answer is JESSIE

I pinned it up on my weekend bag...

My personal badge with my name printed on...

Here is my QR code... Do scan it and it will lead you to my space!

Super Store Singapore makes it simple for me to pursue my interests in collecting unique and creative badges.

Do 'LIKE' SUPER STORE SINGAPORE on Facebook and receives updates on the new products and great offers, discounts or clearance sales.

Follow them on Twitter (@SuperStoreSG) as well for more special or new designs launch.


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Thanks for dropping by!! I am glad to hear that my post helps you in your business meeting. Lastly thanks for reading :)

Aimee johnson said...

I never thought that these badges can be used for conveying message also. Great post and keep sharing.

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