Friday, March 29, 2019

[media invite] Café Asia 2019, International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo 2019 (ICT Expo 2019), Sweets & Bakes Asia 2019 and Restaurant Asia 2019

The Café Asia 2019, International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo 2019 (ICT Expo 2019) and Sweets & Bakes Asia 2019 was held over 3 days, from the 21st of March to the 23rd March 2019 together with the inaugural Restaurant Asia 2019 at the Marina Bay Sand Singapore Expo & Convention Centre. Singapore has an international reputation as a food haven. It offers myriad cuisine and dining experiences. 

PureCircle is the world's leading producter and innovator of Stevia Sweetener. With their newly launched and improved Stevia Leaf Sweetener - 'Reb M', food and beverage companies are now using this ingredient for greater tasting experiences without the calories of sugar. 

Stevia is a naturally sweet plant native to South America. Today, it is grown around the world, notably in Kenya, China and USA. All PureCircle’s Stevia Sweeteners are plant-based and non-GMO certified. 

I was introduced to Bonsoy way back in 2016, when I attended the Nature’s Glory event. I was surprised to see them during my visit. 

Bonsoy is a truly healthy and nutritious drink.  It has a natural, full bodied mellow aroma with a subtle, mildly sweet flavor. It is also lactose free; people who are allergic to milk can enjoy it with an ease of mind. Bonsoy is a non-dairy product, and it is made from certified organic soybeans that are free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetic modifications, all these can be commonly found in non-organic soybean beverages. 

At the same time, I was introduced to their newly launched product, Organic Coconut Milk drinks which comes in many variants such as Madagascan Vanilla, Himalayan Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate.

We were given some sample tasting at the booth, and I love their Salted Caramel very much. Thanks for the try out on the Vanilla flavor, which was we found inside our media kits!  

Pic’s is a truly natural peanut butter and it is gluten-free too. It only contains only two ingredients in the peanut butter - Peanuts and Sea Salt! It was awarded Cuisine Magazine’s Artisan Food of the Year -2010.

The NO SALT appears in a white band around the edge of the lid, which will help prevent you buying the wrong one.

In today's world, most of us are used to having straws whenever we have a beverage. However, these straws are detrimental to the environment, and are one of the major contributors to plastic waste. However, to better protect and care for our natural environment, Eco-friendly straws are now a trending and popular item!

These eco-friendly rice straws are now having their debut in Singapore at the ‘Cafe Asia 2019.’ The straws are produced by Penang-based Nlytech Biotech Sdn Bhd, and they are Halal-certified. These edible straws are made of a combination of rice and tapioca, and are fully biodegradable. They decompose within 90 days!

Next, (we checked out 'Naylor's' Coleslaw which is from the UK. They are manufactured and packaged at Naylor's Farm which is all Halal certified.

For Naylors Coleslaw, there are four different flavors – Original, Cheese, Reduced Fat, and Chipotle. The Original version was creamy and with an underlying sweetness hint from the produce. The Reduced Fat version comes with 30% less fat! 

I tried them in turns except for the Chipotle flavor, as they mentioned they did not bring any in for this event. Every flavor comes with chunky fresh cabbage, and it tasted pretty tasty.

My personal favorite though has got to be Naylors Potato Salad. If you are a fan of potato like me, you are in luck, as Naylors Potato Salad is made ready to eat straight from the fridge! 

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to the next edition!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

[random - Part 03] All about food

After a long hiatus, we finally came back to Ivins Peranakan Restaurant, which is located at Binjai Park for our Sat-date dinner. We have been visiting this eatery since way back in 2008. It has been one of our favorite restaurants for more than a decade.
Ivins is really worth both our thumbs-up! The damage was about SGD29, and the food was delicious yet affordable.

On a random Friday, Baby came over to my working place area to meet me for dinner, and he suggested that it was time to re-visit Hifumi, as it has been a year of hiatus since our last visit. We ordered a main course each that comes with unlimited serving of appetiser...

*Worth every penny spent!* The damage was around SGD40+, and this is a small treat for my Baby Hubby, who is always there to dote and pamper me! 

I'm back again to Saizeriya Restaurant! This time, I visited the outlet which is located at Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). Baby and I were greatly attracted to the price tags indicated in the menu. Baby had Clam Pasta in Spicy Tomato Soup

For myself, I started off the meal with my favorite Original Focaccia and Chicken Stew. I love escargots, and I will never get enough of them. I ordered a half dozen love Oven Grilled Escargots for myself. The fragrance won me over when it was served on the table. Although it was a sinful meal, I simply couldn’t help myself eating the Escargots with the special garlic butter!

The damage was pretty pleasant, hence the reason why we love dining at Saizeriya!GREAT FOOD QUALITY DOESN'T NECESSARILY MEAN IT MUST COME WITH A HEFTY PRICE TAG!

Keng Eng Kee Seafood (KEK) has become one of our top choices for a cze char fix, and we decided tohave our latest 'TGIF' celebration on a recent Friday there. KEK Seafood offers delicious home-cooked flavor food fare which is wallet-friendly. We started off with the Sotong Meat Stuffed in Fried Fritters

We ordered the Chinese Spinach with Trio Eggs, and it was a delightful choice for us as we loved the starchy and smooth gravy very much. I enjoyed every bit of it! The Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs are absolute delicious as each piece of meat is succulent.

We ordered my favorite dish, which just so happens to also be one of the signature dishes at the eatery place. It is none other than the Moonlight Hor Fun, and it is always on our MUST-ORDER list. Thanks Baby for the dinner treat and I appreciated it very much!

I end my post with my random weekday dinner place with Baby. We settled at Tai Lei Loi Kei which is located at VivoCity, as they offer quite a wide selection of inexpensive food selection. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dinner meet up at Wild Honey + Cooking Demo by Brandt

Thanks Jasmine for coordinating on our latest outing. We finally met up together with our good friends, Samantha and Meryl for a dinner gathering. We settled for eating at the Wild Honey, which is located at Scotts Square.

The damage should be hefty, but all thanks to Jasmine who purchased a 50% Off discount-Chope Deal. In the end, we only paid SGD25 per person. Wow, we really save alot from this dining meet-up!

We had an enjoyable night chatting with one another and the food was yummy too! Thanks for making time for the gathering. We took many random photos before calling it a day! 

My earrings of the day! I picked up this pair of mix & match earrings from Nami Accessory, which is located at Mount Austin, JB Malaysia.

I attended a cooking demonstration which was organised by Brandt. It was held at the Atrium of United Square. During the demo, the chef showed us two recipes, which had a Sakura Theme! We learnt in detailed steps on how to make the Steamed Sakura Cakes and Baked Sakura Cookies

It was a nice experience as a whole, as I picked up some tips and culinary skills from this workshop. Lastly, thanks Brandt for the lovely goodies! 

Monday, March 25, 2019

[Menya Sakura's 3rd Anniversary] Uni Tsukemen - limited time only

Menya Sakura is located at Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar. They are celebrating their 3rd Anniversary by releasing a limited-edition menu featuring Uni Tsukemen.

Upon being seated, we were given access to a free-flow salad bar which is offered to all patrons courtesy of Menya Sakura.

Apart from the Uni Tsukemen, we also had Gyoza too. It tasted awesome, and each mouthful was divine! 

Uni, (or more commonly known as Sea Urchin), is a premium ingredient which is usually used in Sushi or Donburi. Now, for a limited time only, Menya Sakura is serving it on top of their delicious Tsukemen! Tsukemen is a Nagoya-styled ramen, whereby the noodles are served dry. The dish comes together with a separate bowl of rich broth for dipping. This is pretty rare to find in Singapore. 

I love the accompanying dipping broth which is made of Menya Sakura’s signature Tonkotsu broth. Thick noodles are chosen as they tasted better with the concentrated and flavorful broth. Yes! I really enjoy the thick and bouncy noodles which I normally don’t when it comes to ramen. The serving noodles at Menya Sakura soak up the full flavors of the broth well which tasted amazingly delicious.

Ultimately, Menya Sakura makes their ramen simple, but tastes heavenly good! The dish ultimately blends the taste of sea urchin and pork wonderfully, which leaves us wanting more! Lastly, thanks for hosting us!  So don’t miss this chance to indulge in the Uni Tsukemen while it is still available at Menya Sakura!

Menya Sakura 麺屋桜
Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link #01-07 Singapore 078867

Saturday, March 23, 2019

[product review] Premium TS Shampoo + [beauty event] Her World x Palais Renaissance

I was also happy to be selected by the company '0.8L Singapore' to do another review, and they sent me the following product, 'Premium TS Shampoo’.

I change my haircare products frequently as as I am still attempting to find the perfect type of hair products for my hair type. I have a dry scalp and it is pretty sensitive, whereby irritation will occur if the products that I am using are not suitable for my hair.

I am ready to experience the product I received recently. The bottle is green in color and it gives an organic and natural feeling. The products contain no harsh chemicals, is free from parabens, artificial coloring and SLS. The ingredients used is to promote a healthy scalp and to prevent hair loss.

It is pretty thick in texture, and it works well into a good lather on my hair. It works fine on me as my hair looked more manageable and soft, but most importantly, my scalp feels fresher and healthier after washing. The main reason why I love the product is because I find it doesn’t strip off the natural oils from my hair, yet keeps my tresses in good shape!

The shampoo also helps to strengthen my hair and offers overall hair benefits. After usage for almost a month, I can really see some satisfying results, so be patient as it takes time to show the results.

Thanks for the smooth delivery of the product. I am delighted to have the chance of introducing the Premium TS Shampoo, which i had a great experience using it! I do hope my mini review can help my friends and readers to understand the products better!

Together with Tracy, we attended the 'Her World x Palais Renaissance Beauty Playground' event which was held at the Palais Renaissance. During the workshop, we received many tips to help us to get better skin, and we were also introduced to some aesthetic palours that are located at the premises too. We were glad to be given the opportunity try out their aesthetic treatments. Hence, we will be back soon. Thanks for having us!

After the event, all invitees received a goody bag which was courtesy of Palais Renaissance and Her World. Both Tracy and I love the beauty pouches by KENZO Very much, as it is the right size to keep all my skincare essentials when travelling.

I will end my post with some sweet gifts that I got from my colleague, Jane. She returned home to visit her family in the Philippines, and she got me some earrings. She mentioned that when she saw the earrings while shopping in Manila, I crossed her mind immediately. 
Apart from that, she also went to Taipei for a week, as the flight time from the Philippines to Taiwan requires only 2 hours. She picked up a lucky charm for all the colleagues in her dept.