Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Awe of Genki Sushi

We visited the one and only outlet of Genki Sushi, located at Orchard Central, level 3. The newly opened restaurant has been drawing a lot of customers during meal-time. We waited for about 30mins as the restaurant does not accept reservation. It was a pretty long wait before we got our seats.

Upon seating, the staff showed us how the order system works and I was pretty impressed by the technology used at the restaurant. Yes! Indeed.

Genki Sushi has an easy ordering system, just browse the food entrees from the Genki ipad menu, and order directly from there.

The coolest thing is not just about making orders via ipads. but that the orders will ride on a mini Shinkansen (bullet train) all the way from the kitchen to the respective table by track and this is definitely faster than a conveyor belt.  Clear the train by taking out the plates and place them on your table. Push the YELLOW BUTTON to send the train back to the kitchen!

We ordered quite a few random sushi items from the ipad menu, as we really enjoyed seeing our food items being delivered by the 4-carriage train to our table.

The Salmon Belly was lovely, the salmon was seared lightly on top and the belly fats added additional flavor to make it taste better as a whole.

 The sushi items generally tasted fresh and good.

Hotate sushi tasted great, the Hotate was fresh and cold and this makes it perfect as it places emphasis on the warmth of the rice.

The Hamachi (yellow tail) sushi tasted uber delicious. I love the way, it was sliced. Generously thick indeed!!

Baby had a mini bowl of Oyako Don, it tasted awesome

I had a mini bowl of Kake Udon, and I love the flavorful broth and the Udon was perfectly cooked.

Nameko Miso Soup with generous serving of Mushooms...

Soft Shell Crab Handroll tasted superb, the crab was deep-fried to a delicate crisp

Idako, my favorite!!

Deep Fried Oyster

Sanshoku Mochi

The damage was SGD52 and I was happy to see some of my favorite premium sushi at an affordable price, but however if you are looking for economical Japanese sushi , Sakae Sushi will be a better option. As for me, I love the automated delivery system in Genki Sushi, as it is a pretty interesting sight for me. I will be back in the near future.

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