Thursday, January 14, 2016

[20th Anniversary] Chang Beer's new look

Chang Beer was first introduced in Thailand in 1995, and within  a period of 3 years, it has already secured 50% of the Thai Market in Beer
Chang's commitment to provide a quality, full bodied and well balanced beer with a fruity aroma and crisp finish has made it an international award winning beer that is enjoyed by consumers today.
In conjunction with Chang Beer's 20th Anniversary and to commemorate this milestone in history, the iconic Chang Beer has revolutionised its packaging.
A new era for Chang Beer and its new chapter were revealed...
The special emerald green color of the new bottle has been replaced from its current amber color, thus it looks refreshing, appealing and gives a premium drinking experience. The cap and labels have been updated to a fresher, premium-looking champagne gold.

The bottle has been dramatically re-shaped for a more tactile feel in hand. The taller neck and elevated bottle shoulder create stature and provide a stronger masculine look. The bottle waist has been adjusted to offer a better grip and lastly, the beautiful embossing down the bottle side adds visual and tactile interest.

Apart from change of the 320ml and 620ml bottles, the 330ml and 500ml cans have also been re-designed with the new emerald green and gold color scheme.
The change of the new packaging is to drive for greater success to position Chang Beer as the beer choice in line with its premium positioning in the international market.

Chang Beer is available at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, Intercontinental Singapore, Capri Singapore and some of the coolest outlets that include FIV, Singapore's first Tachinomi Izakaya Inspired Bar, KPO Bar and TBB Tiong Bahru Bar.

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