Saturday, November 15, 2014

Diamond Education Session by JannPaul

JannPaul was established in 2009, and was created by three friends, two of whom are second-generation diamond specialists with families already in the jewellery industry. JannPaul's aim is to educate the general public on diamonds and to squash the myth that all dimaond come with a luxurious asnd hefty price tag. They were also recently awarded the SMEs Asia Award Singapore for 2013/2014 for satisfying all requirements by the award panel of Asia Business Journal and Trade & Industry Association (Singapore).

As a local jeweller, JannPaul is best known for their unique concept of providing diamond education sessions for their customers in their selection of Super Ideal Cut Diamond, and each session lasts from 1.5-2 hours. This is a non-obligatory session serves to educate potential clients on common mistakes made by the customers as well as to provide some helpful tips on diamond procurement.

I attended the Diamond Education Session by JannPaul which was conducted at House of Hung, and it is located at Far East Shopping Centre. There was a brief introduction of different types of diamonds, as well as a short sessiopn on the basic of 4Cs in Diamonds. This range from CLARITY grading, diamond CUT, COLOR grade and CARAT weight. We also learnt about the different cut of diamonds and pitfalls to avoid during purchasing diamonds.

JannPaul's Super Ideal Cut Diamond is cut in mathematical proportions in which every facet is placed at an exact angles to create a perfect balance between optimum brilliance and the scattering of light.

Solasfera Diamond represents the world's highest standard of optical quality, light performance and beauty for a polished diamond.

The soft sensual shape of the Brellia Diamond is the mastery of form and function. The unique patented shape looks beautiful in any setting, and they are created as round, square or princess shaped diamonds! The Brellia Diamond is the culmination of nature's most extraordinary gem, perfectly cut to bring to life incomparable beauty and brilliance. The secret that makes these diamonds so much more beautiful is due to the precise cutting and polishing process.

Below are some customised jewellery that JannPaul did for their clients upon their requests!

JannPaul offers the newest, best and quality cuts at affordable prices, and they do not restrict
on the numerous changes customers may require on their customized rings. This is done in order to provide the best service to satisfy the needs of all customers.

JannPaul is also one of the local jewellers who incorporated 3-Dimensional technology for their ring customisation service and they are able to formulate realistic images of the rings before the manufacturing process. Thus this will allow customers to have a trial life size replica of a ring, in order to make customization a breeze for buyers, especially for those who are looking for engagement rings.

JannPaul's latest collection is the Verragio Rings which features very beautiful designs that melt every woman's heart.

I love the rings so much and I want this as my engagement ring!

My education session ended with a happy note, and I gain some knowledge about diamonds, and I will be using what I have learnt during the education session when purchasing diamonds in the future!

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