Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DBS Marina Regatta 2017 + Michelin One-Star: Hawker Chan

The DBS Marina Regatta 2017 (DBSMR) was back over the weekend from the 1st-4th June 2017. It featured the debut of Singapore's largest inflatable water obstacle course that puts one's fitness to the test!

The four-day event was located at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Admission to the event was free, however some activities required payment.

I was excited to see the dragon boat race! 

I will definitely look forward to the next edition of the DBS Marina Regatta. Apart from the scorching hot weather, it was still an enjoyable experience. 

Baby and I finally managed to find time to visit Hawker Chan's spacious restaurant at Smith Street which was officially opened last November.

This is after-all, one of the cheapest price to pay for a Michelin Star Dining Experience! Do note that the original hawker stall in Chinatown Food Complex is the one with the actual award of the Michelin One-Star, and the Smith Street outlet we were at was an offshoot of the same place! I was glad that they offered self-ordering kiosks (Think McDonald's) which made ordering a fuss-free experience!

The tender and juicy Soya Sauce Chicken is the highlight as it tasted delicious! I reckon it is due to the additive sweet and salty soya sauce that the meat has absorbed during the cooking process! For me, the Soya Sauce Chicken is a MUST-HAVE! 

I met up with Sweetie at Xin Wang HK Café at HarbourFront Centre. It has been a long time since we had dinner together after work. We used to meet up each other over lunch time, but due to work commitments and strict lunch hours, we could not do so. I think I now prefer meeting up with her for dinner, so that we can have more time to share on our happenings with each other!

I end my post with my favorite Gyudon from Yoshinoya! 

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