Sunday, June 18, 2017

[product review] Saphir Products by The ShoeTree Project

 Quality leather shoes are retailing at a pretty high price, hence it is very important to take care and maintain them in order to let the shoes last for a long time. My ECCO leather shoes were with me since 2015, and there now some dry patches and wrinkle lines that have appeared on the shoes. I was therefore overjoyed with the results of this test, as my walnut shoes now look new and magnificent again!


The ShoeTree Project sent me some of their Saphir Products for use, and I immediately and persuaded Baby to protect and nourish my shoes by good ol' polishing. He began with an application of Saphir Pommadier Cream Shoe Polish (#03 Marion Clair Light Brown) retails at SGD25. It is made of rich, all-natural blend of animal oil, shea butter and 7 natural waxes including Beeswax.

During the polishing by Baby, I could see the colour being restored, and the leather ware seemed to have a fresh shine! According to what I've read, the polish provides nourishing and water-proof benefits.

The shoe polish restores color and brings vibrancy to your leather ware while providing nourishing and water-proof benefits. It was awarded the Medaille d'Or (gold medal) in Paris, 1925. 

Lastly, Baby himself felt that the polish was very good, as he has a lot of experience from being in the army. He reckoned that the polish was of a much higher quality than normal!

Apart from the rich texture shoe polish, I was given a handcrafted Horse Hair Shoe Brush (SGD21.90). It is made of 100% natural fibre horse tail hair which was stiff enough to work perfectly on the polishing task on delicate fine leather. It cleans dirt effectively and maximises the spread of your polish. 

To summarize, I was very happy with the end results and I certainly would recommend and use this for my leather shoes. I love the handy size packaging of goodness! I strongly recommend all my readers to check out Saphir products as they are essential for leather shoes. 

Do visit The ShoeTree Project for information about Saphir products as they offer free shipping within Singapore. 

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