Friday, December 20, 2013

[Food Tasting] Shiraz Mazzeh, Persian Food Cultures

I felt like a food newbie as I didn't know there is a place called PasarBella which exists in Singapore, and I was glad that I had accepted the food tasting invitation as I got the chance to explore this perfect place consisting of many gourmet outlets. Shiraz Mazzeh is one of the bistros at PasarBella.

PasarBella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore which is located at The Grandstand (formally known as Turf City). To me, Pasarbella is a like a gourmet and organic munching haven, and it resembles to a farmer market in the United States, albeit, a bit upscale in decor.

To add some humor to this post, I want to share an interesting place in PasarBella, which is this! 'Rooms of Ease'!! The signage with expressions looks so hilarious...

I saw many neon light signages while looking out for my food tasting destination, Shiraz Mazzeh at PasarBella. Thanks for the invite!!

Upon stepping into the premises of Shiraz Mazzeh, I was greeted by the carpet wall that was part of the decor in the restaurant. This place is a welcome sight for me. Shiraz Mazzeh serves Authentic Persian Cuisine.

I had Peach Juice to ease my thirst while waiting for my Persian dinner to commence...

We started off with the popular Persian appetizer, Hummus.

Hummus is a Middle Eastern food dip or spread which should be ideally served on warm thin bread. It is made from cooked, mashed Chickpeas which are blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Hummus is a MUST-ORDER appetizer at Shiraz Mazzeh.

I love the rich Hummus which was served in Shiraz Mazzeh...

Tabbouleh Salad is popular because it is an ethnic food in Middle Eastern cultures. I enjoyed the salad very much as it is also good to eat more vegetables so I helped myself with several servings. This traditional Middle Eastern salad made with parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and garlic dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. 

 Lamb Kubideh Sandwich (Tender minced ground lamb wrapped with toasted bread) tasted exquisitely yummy and left me craving for more... 

Shandiz Keba (Char-grilled Lamb Chops) were awesome, and they are tender and flavorful. I was surprised that there wasn't any strong aftertaste of lamb lingering in my mouth after eating it. I am proud to say it is the best Lamb Chop I have ever tasted before. Great Job, Shiraz!!

Meigu Polo - Persian Prawn Claypot

Shiraz uses premium long grain basmati rice for Meigu Polo - Persian Prawn Claypot and premium prawns were used too. To prepare this dish, the prawns and basmati rice were placed in the claypot and slow cooked with Persian herbs to seal the natural sweetness and fresh flavors. Through this cooking method, it explains why I, and I'm sure most people as well, will enjoy the fragrant rice very much if they order this particular dish. Each mouthful of the rice tasted wonderful and flavorful.

Lamb Polo - Tender Persian Lamb Claypot bears the same way of cooking method as Meigu Polo, but I personally prefer the Lamb Polo as the flavor is richer and makes it perfect as a hearty food entrée.

The highlight of our food tasting was the Shiraz Signature Chargrill Platter which consist of: Darya Kebab (Fresh Red Snapper Fillet), Chicken Kubideh (Tender Minced Chicken with herbs), Lari Chicken (Yoghurt Marinated Chicken Thigh), Lamb Kubideh (Tender Ground Lamb), Meigu Kebab (Prawns)

We were luckily to meet the head chef behind this sumptuous feast.

I love the Chicken Kubideh and Lamb Kubideh the most. Each ground meat is char-grilled to perfection and it is super tender and juicy. I simply enjoyed dining at Shiraz Mazzeh as I love the quality of the food which was being served to us...

We had desserts to round up our food tasting at Shiraz Mazzeh, and this marks the first time trying out Middle Eastern dessert which tasted pretty decent...

Shiraz Mazzeh is the best place to have meals, a late night snack or just beer with a group of friends. It is the best place to have lunch, a late night snack or just a drink. It has a nice ambiance and decor setting is kept simple which gives a sense of character to this eatery joint. The food was great, especially the Shandiz Keba, and I will be back again.

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